Thursday, 1 October 2015

No. 31: New transfer! And I'm staying in the dirty $hWa~~~!!!

Finally they let me stay in an area for more than 1 transfer~! I have been everywhere few transfer ago, and it's crazy but crazily FUN~~~!!!!!

​[ Toronto Ontario Temple ]
We are teaching this Chinese family, Brother and Sister Ai that wants to be sealed in the temple. I have been working on translating the pamphlet "Preparing to Enter to the Holy Temple" for Mandarin characters, pinyin, and English for 6 weeks, and yesterday! YESTERDAY! Our computer in the Family History Centre that I always use are formatted!!!! EVERYTHING was gone~~!!!!! I GAVE UP! I'm not translating anymore~! AARRGGGHHH~~~~!!!!

​[I don't have Sister Horton's picture, but she is one of the STLs in the picture! 2nd from the left, 1st row! =) ]
Anyway, I went on exchanges with the Spanish STLs in Toronto, it's a new thing where STLs get to go on exchanges once every transfer. It was a fun experience! I went to Toronto with Hermana Horton, and all our lessons are in Spanish! It's so funny!! In lessons, I don't understand what they're saying, but I feel like I understand them! I can't translate their words, but the spirit translated the meaning and feelings of it! It's an interesting thing to explain about, but hey! Spiritual gifts are real! I'm not a Spanish speaker, but I got to contribute in lessons equally and got in at the right time and said the right thing. I was able to testify of the truthfulness of the message we share! In the end, everything work out and we were able to have wonderful exchanges together! Hermana Horton is amazing! She is such a loving Sister Training Leader, and a consecrated missionary herself.

​[ With our Cobourg Sisters... I had my apron on because I made lunch! Udon noodles soup with dumplings! Yummm~~~!Sister Miller wants my smoothies recipe, but I can't!! Why?? Because I made them up! So Malaysian~! =P ]
We had a mission temple trip! Twice a year (few weeks before General Conference), we get to go to the temple! I love to see the temple! It's beautiful! A day before, Cobourg sisters (Sister Sudweeks and Sister Miller) stay overnight and we had so much fun! I slept in the living room with Sister Sudweeks, and I let Sister Miller sleep in my Celestial bed (The comfiest!). The next day, we traveled at 5 in the morning! And I got to drive through Toronto to and back from the temple! I love having the sisters with us for the day, I developed so much love for them.

This week, I learned so much about REPENTANCE and FORGIVENESS. Repentance is not just saying I'M SORRY, it's about CHANGES. Repentance in Chinese = 悔改 means give up and change. We need to give up the things we want to repent for, and change. It's changes of our view about God, ourselves, and others. It's an action to be better, it's a persistence, a strive, a commitment. I learned also that FORGIVENESS must come into place. We need to forgive others that has trespasses us, and forgive ourselves. All the things we have repented of, Like in D&C 58:42-43 , when we repent, the Lord will remember them no more. There is no use in burdening ourselves with the past that are already long forgotten. Jesus Christ has atoned everything!
​[Boo-yah~! ]
I knew that I won't get any transfer call, that's what I felt in the temple. But the rebellious side of me wants to! I know I can't be against the will of God, and I know that I need to change and learn more this transfer. I know things happen for a reason! =)

I love you all!!! Have a blessed week!!! =D

Sister Yeap
7th September 2015

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