Thursday, 1 October 2015

No. 23: I was devastated, but still holding on! In the end, every sweat worth.

This week was stressful for me. It's Tuesday, we don't get any new investigator. I was afraid. Wednesday passed by, 0 new investigators, I get nervous. Thursday passed by, my stress level went up! I was not happy as I should be, and I get headache all the time. Much prayer and humility, I never give up on finding and planning. My faith was tested because I was in the edge of giving up or keep holding on. I'm glad I made the right decision to not give up and keep on working hard!
                               [Well.... Banana + strawberry splits are helpful in times of stress =)   ]
Friday, we were going to a dinner appointment while putting up ESL flyers and talked to everyone. Got bashed by someone from another church about baptism, but we still keep on finding. Then we have about 5 minutes left before our dinner appointment, and I saw a lady sitting on a bench with a little girl, doing her make-up. It was not easy to stop someone while they are doing their face, but I did! Maybe because the spirit said so. She was very friendly, have been praying to know what she could do to strengthen her relationship with God, and was  very happy to meet with us again and learn more from us! She accepted a Book of Mormon, and she wanted to read it! Isn't that amazing how prayer works?

​[I got tanned in Canada.. Crazy, eh? Anyway, this random car always park in our church property, so I put card on the wiper and wrote "Welcome to the neighborhood, eh? =)"   ]
That's not all. We went to church on Sunday, suddenly a random guy came to church! He went online and chose to attend Toronto Ward, is Atheist, but now feels like wanting to know if God is really there. That's a miracles! But that's not all! He read a lot of stuff and, watched general conferences, got his own copy of The Book of Mormon, but he felt that it's better for him to get a triple combination, and he did! He bought his own triple combination scripture! Went through anti stuff, and he told himself that he want to come to church to see if Mormons are cult! He came yesterday and he said "It's not as bad as I thought it would be!" Hahaha! That's pretty awesome!
​[New TTC Metropass, with PanAm Games on it! Canada's biggest game is coming up! I'm pumped to go out and contact during the games! =D  ]
After church, broke our fast, skipped dinner because we were too busy, but he got another new investigator from our potential investigator lesson! It was a great lesson and she with a warm smile thanked us for meeting with her. That's so sweet! You know what's great? Is when you are pumped to talk to everyone even when you're hungry + having headache + aching backbone + tired... It makes your day better especially when you got few potentials from talking to people on the way home! We were 2 minutes late to our apartment, but I guess repentance is always there, right? Hahaha!

I am so grateful for the miracles God has granted us. I strengthened my own testimony that God really is my Father in heaven, He loves me, is watching over me, knows how I feel and always listen to my prayers. Remember, faith without work is dead! =)

Sister Yeap
6th July 2015

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