Thursday, 1 October 2015

No. 29: Oshawa is changing!

We had exchanges on Monday! After our Preparation Day, we drove to Colborne (Where the Big Apple is) and exchanged with the Napanee sisters, Sister McDermott and Sister Taylor. It was a SCARY drive!!!!!!! It was pouring rain and my companion was so focused in her driving that I had to try my best to make her laugh but it didn't work! Hahahaha! I said a prayer out loud, asking Heavenly Father to bless and protect us, including the other sisters that we're going to exchange with, that the angels will be round about them, protecting them from danger. Then, we arrived safely to the famous Big Apple! And then I had Sister Taylor with me. We taught the Ai Family, and I had the lesson in Mandarin. Sister Taylor must have had the most boring teaching moment of her life! Hahaha!!! Sister Taylor is awesome! So much fun to be with! Fun fact! She is a descendant of John Taylor! What a privilege! =D 

We had district meeting on Wednesday, and I loved it! Our district leader, Elder Geddes is amazing! We talked about consecration, and how important for us to be consecrated missionaries! I have this thought in my mind, that a lot of missionaries think that CONSECRATED MISSIONARY = PERFECT MISSIONARY! But it's not! No one is perfect! I learned that perfection is when you realize that you're not perfect, and you do your best to repent (includes change) and be better. I love our mission's focus on the whole work of salvation. We are able to become full-purpose missionaries because of it. That way, we are able to be consecrated missionaries in every aspect of the work!

I have this goal in Oshawa, because we are focusing on the whole work of salvation, it's not about the number anymore. It's about the people! I don't want to make the mistakes that I did where we have a wonderful 1st lesson with them, and then we never see them again because they are MIA. I will update more on what we did and how it went next time! 

I love the members here! They gave us TONS of less-active referrals and we loved it! I have gained stronger testimony of following-up because the members gave us more referrals when we contact their referrals ASAP and follow-up with them! 

I have so much more that I wanted to share! But I guess I can give you some assignments before I leave this mail!  

Please view this wonderful video :A Mother's Hope

And share to me what helped you overcome fears in your life? And what gives you the biggest hope in life?

Take care!

Sister Yeap
17 August 2015

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