Thursday, 1 October 2015

No. 26: I'm staying in Oshawa for another transfer!!!!

Yay!!!!! Transfer call was yesterday and my companion and I got to stay in Oshawa for at least another transfer!!! I am so happy! Especially knowing that I have lots of sisters that I have served around with are serving in areas that I cover!!!! Sister Hillman, Sister Womack, and Sister Sudweeks are coming in!!! I love Sister Sudweeks!!! I had the happiest time on my mission being her companion in Oakville! And for the Sisters that are moving into other areas, I wish them the best with joy and success!!!

[  Elder Smith and Elder Winn (Zone Leaders) are whitewashed! Sister Rees and I are staying!!! And Brother Rollin is amazing! He is our DAD in Oshawa!!  ]
 Last week was fun! We got a media referral, so we called and made appointment to drop a Holy Bible that they have requested. There, we had a great discussion and before we left, we gave a prayer and the husband said "Okay, now it's our turn to bless you". They both put each of their hands on our head, and blessed us! Man! We might have to share The Restoration in our next visit! Getting out of the media referral's apartment, we contacted this old guy! He believe in Law of Attraction, and we said we believe that God answers prayers for sure! Then we shook hands, and when he shook my hand, he shook it for the longest time and patted my back! Then he said "Well, I'm thinking of getting a wife" and we were like "Yeah, for sure! We talk to people every day! If we found someone that's searching for a wife, we'll refer her to you". And then he said "But I want a younger wife. I married someone 56 when i was 26, so now I want a younger wife." Owh man! We said bye quickly and walked swiftly to our car! It was scary!!!!! Hahahaha!!! Then my companion told our district leader that I have a new boyfriend that day, LOL!!!! xD

​[  The mouse trap!!!! We spread peanut butter in the pail and since I want the mouse to die ASAP, I sprayed the water with CLOROX and cleaning supplies!!! Hahhaha!​   ]
Thursday night, my companion was on the phone with our district leader, and I was trying to kill a fly with my planner! Then, the fly was unconcious after being hit. I took a tissue paper and the fly was flying again before I got to pick it up! Arggghhh!!! Then, at the same time, I felt something crawling over my foot and I saw a mouse!!!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs!!!! It was disgusting!!! I was screaming "Sister Rees!!!!!! A mouse was on my foot!!! A mouse was on my foot!!!!!!" Sister Rees can't stop laughing, and she can't talk in the phone so my district leader had to call us back when things are calm again. So, our EQ President called and he gave us an idea to make a mouse trap. The next day, the mouse died! it was disgusting!!!! Good thing is, no more mouse poop on waffles!!! =D

​[ It's dead the next morning!!!!  ]
We had STL exchanges with Toronto sisters! Sister Mencarelli came to Oshawa with me! It was a fun exchange! She taught me so much!! I love this Italian sister! She is awesome! 
Our apartment was so warm last night because the AC was broken, so my companion and I spent the night chatting while opening the bedroom window. I love heart-to-heart talk! It was fun! Although waking up feeling sleepy!! Hahahaha!!!

Sister Yeap
27 July 2015

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