Thursday, 1 October 2015

No. 31: New transfer! And I'm staying in the dirty $hWa~~~!!!

Finally they let me stay in an area for more than 1 transfer~! I have been everywhere few transfer ago, and it's crazy but crazily FUN~~~!!!!!

​[ Toronto Ontario Temple ]
We are teaching this Chinese family, Brother and Sister Ai that wants to be sealed in the temple. I have been working on translating the pamphlet "Preparing to Enter to the Holy Temple" for Mandarin characters, pinyin, and English for 6 weeks, and yesterday! YESTERDAY! Our computer in the Family History Centre that I always use are formatted!!!! EVERYTHING was gone~~!!!!! I GAVE UP! I'm not translating anymore~! AARRGGGHHH~~~~!!!!

​[I don't have Sister Horton's picture, but she is one of the STLs in the picture! 2nd from the left, 1st row! =) ]
Anyway, I went on exchanges with the Spanish STLs in Toronto, it's a new thing where STLs get to go on exchanges once every transfer. It was a fun experience! I went to Toronto with Hermana Horton, and all our lessons are in Spanish! It's so funny!! In lessons, I don't understand what they're saying, but I feel like I understand them! I can't translate their words, but the spirit translated the meaning and feelings of it! It's an interesting thing to explain about, but hey! Spiritual gifts are real! I'm not a Spanish speaker, but I got to contribute in lessons equally and got in at the right time and said the right thing. I was able to testify of the truthfulness of the message we share! In the end, everything work out and we were able to have wonderful exchanges together! Hermana Horton is amazing! She is such a loving Sister Training Leader, and a consecrated missionary herself.

​[ With our Cobourg Sisters... I had my apron on because I made lunch! Udon noodles soup with dumplings! Yummm~~~!Sister Miller wants my smoothies recipe, but I can't!! Why?? Because I made them up! So Malaysian~! =P ]
We had a mission temple trip! Twice a year (few weeks before General Conference), we get to go to the temple! I love to see the temple! It's beautiful! A day before, Cobourg sisters (Sister Sudweeks and Sister Miller) stay overnight and we had so much fun! I slept in the living room with Sister Sudweeks, and I let Sister Miller sleep in my Celestial bed (The comfiest!). The next day, we traveled at 5 in the morning! And I got to drive through Toronto to and back from the temple! I love having the sisters with us for the day, I developed so much love for them.

This week, I learned so much about REPENTANCE and FORGIVENESS. Repentance is not just saying I'M SORRY, it's about CHANGES. Repentance in Chinese = 悔改 means give up and change. We need to give up the things we want to repent for, and change. It's changes of our view about God, ourselves, and others. It's an action to be better, it's a persistence, a strive, a commitment. I learned also that FORGIVENESS must come into place. We need to forgive others that has trespasses us, and forgive ourselves. All the things we have repented of, Like in D&C 58:42-43 , when we repent, the Lord will remember them no more. There is no use in burdening ourselves with the past that are already long forgotten. Jesus Christ has atoned everything!
​[Boo-yah~! ]
I knew that I won't get any transfer call, that's what I felt in the temple. But the rebellious side of me wants to! I know I can't be against the will of God, and I know that I need to change and learn more this transfer. I know things happen for a reason! =)

I love you all!!! Have a blessed week!!! =D

Sister Yeap
7th September 2015

More pictures!


Sister Yeap
1 September 2015

No. 30: Last week of the transfer - I can drive now! - I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Dear family and friends, 

I finally can drive on my mission! I got my IDP and our vehicle coordinator got everything done for me ASAp, and after our MLC 2 days after my IDP arrived, I got my TIWI card! TIWI card is the card you use to log in and drive! It was weird at first because I usually drive on the left side of the road, and my driver's seat is usually on the right side of the car! Now, everything is the opposite way! So my companion was pretty nervous while I was driving, she was nagging the whole time, LOL! Okay, mom! Sometimes I have the windshield wiper on instead of signalling, but it's fine! Sometimes I almost hit the curb, but it's okay! As long as my companion and I are safe!!! =D
 (With my IDP and Tiwi card~!)

This past transfer has been a great experience. Although I get stressed out most of the time, I am grateful for the comfort of the spirit. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father that love me and I can always talk to him. I am grateful for my mission president and his wife, they are the most Christlike people I have ever met. They encourage me and always tell me that they're proud of me. I am grateful for all of you that always give me moral support through your emails and prayers!  I appreciate them so much! 

My MTC friend sent me a wonderful email that made my day! I love it so much that I want to send it to you, maybe it can make your day! =D


Sis Yeap! This is what helps me!!!

CALMING THE TEMPEST "Peace, Be Still" (Mark 4:37-39/ hymn 105)
Sail on, sail strong.

37 And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.
38 And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish?
39 And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

In our lives, each of our lives today and before, some continuing from before till today are worries, concerns and challenges of every kind that troubles our soul, that like the storm of wind and the waves that beat into the ship, beats into our lives as well, trying to sink our soul into the depths of the sea.

Every person has a different situation in their life. Some have come to overcome them, some have not. In all aspects of trials, whatever it be, we need not fear. Just like how Jesus Christ entered that ship with apostles and rested in it, knowing that he will be safe in it no matter what, we too need have that same understanding of this safety and comfort which the Lord provides.

In the Hymn book, hymn 105 "master the tempest is raging", the chorus shares with us a simple truth. "No waters can swallow the ship where lies the master of ocean and earth and skies. They all shall sweetly obey thy will: "peace, be still".
The Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind rests in us. We as the ship he laid in, carry him in us, and with us, as we Covenanted to take upon us his name, to always remember him, and keep his commandments to let his spirit be with us, allows us to be safe from all physical, spiritual, emotional, social and all other "al" of tempest.

For we have the Lord in our lives, and as long as we allow him to be with us, we may be able to overcome trials and tribulations. Knowing that we are the ship that carries him will allow the ship to be at peace. For no water can swallow the ship(us) where lies the master of ocean and earth and skies. For they all shall sweetly obey his will, peace, be still.

May we all continue to sail for Zion, for eternal life, for happiness and joy with our Father in heaven and our family. And may this continuos course make us stronger as we go through many storms that come our way. May we feel safe always, knowing that we can and will overcome these trials and tempests no matter how strong it hits, for the savior is with us, and no tempest can destroy him, therefore making it possible for us to sail on and sail strong!

Elder Balenacagi

I had a pretty busy week last week, we have tons of meetings, MLC, Oshawa Zone Council, Kingston Zone Council! But it was fun still, and I learned so much from all of them. 

 ​[ Oshawa Zone~~~!!!!! We took such a graceful picture because our one of our zone leaders, Elder Mangakahia is a World known ballet dancer! =D  ]

​[Kingston Zone~~!!!! I am happy for the privilege that I have to instruct in Kingston Zone Council and to join in my old zone for a day~! ]

We also had exchanges with the Ajax sisters! They are amazing! Man~! I love their area! Sister Hillman, who I exchanged with, is amazing! She work like she have an engine of horsepower! It's impossible to not feel the spirit from that kind of missionary! They make me love missionary work more! =D I am grateful for her talent of cutting hair~! She cut my hair for me too!!! Arigato~!!!
​[Took picture with the Ensign guy during exchanges~! Ensign Sept 2014 ]
I love you all! Thank you~! 

Sister Yeap
31 August 2015

No. 29: Oshawa is changing!

We had exchanges on Monday! After our Preparation Day, we drove to Colborne (Where the Big Apple is) and exchanged with the Napanee sisters, Sister McDermott and Sister Taylor. It was a SCARY drive!!!!!!! It was pouring rain and my companion was so focused in her driving that I had to try my best to make her laugh but it didn't work! Hahahaha! I said a prayer out loud, asking Heavenly Father to bless and protect us, including the other sisters that we're going to exchange with, that the angels will be round about them, protecting them from danger. Then, we arrived safely to the famous Big Apple! And then I had Sister Taylor with me. We taught the Ai Family, and I had the lesson in Mandarin. Sister Taylor must have had the most boring teaching moment of her life! Hahaha!!! Sister Taylor is awesome! So much fun to be with! Fun fact! She is a descendant of John Taylor! What a privilege! =D 

We had district meeting on Wednesday, and I loved it! Our district leader, Elder Geddes is amazing! We talked about consecration, and how important for us to be consecrated missionaries! I have this thought in my mind, that a lot of missionaries think that CONSECRATED MISSIONARY = PERFECT MISSIONARY! But it's not! No one is perfect! I learned that perfection is when you realize that you're not perfect, and you do your best to repent (includes change) and be better. I love our mission's focus on the whole work of salvation. We are able to become full-purpose missionaries because of it. That way, we are able to be consecrated missionaries in every aspect of the work!

I have this goal in Oshawa, because we are focusing on the whole work of salvation, it's not about the number anymore. It's about the people! I don't want to make the mistakes that I did where we have a wonderful 1st lesson with them, and then we never see them again because they are MIA. I will update more on what we did and how it went next time! 

I love the members here! They gave us TONS of less-active referrals and we loved it! I have gained stronger testimony of following-up because the members gave us more referrals when we contact their referrals ASAP and follow-up with them! 

I have so much more that I wanted to share! But I guess I can give you some assignments before I leave this mail!  

Please view this wonderful video :A Mother's Hope

And share to me what helped you overcome fears in your life? And what gives you the biggest hope in life?

Take care!

Sister Yeap
17 August 2015

"No. 28: My first MLC and it's been a stressful + hectic week!"

We had a holiday on Monday (I actually don't know what kind of holiday it was, but Canada have at least one huge holiday every month and everyone get to stay off work and enjoy on MONDAY! YEAP for them and NOPE for missionaries!!!), so we had to email on Tuesday last week. Then that night, we had to drive over to Toronto and stay over for the night so that we can drive them to MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) with us in Brampton. MLC is intense. Full of information, and full of the spirit. Especially when the Mission President and his wife, the Assistants, Zone leaders, and Sister training Leaders are all there. It's full of power and spirit! By the end of the day, I had headache and I was spiritually exhausted! But I am glad that we had zone council the next day and Specialty training the day after, so I get to remember and re-learn the things been shared in MLC. Since the huge changes that we're making is about the Whole Work of Salvation, there are lots of huge changes we're making in Canada Toronto Mission! And I'm loving it!!!

Right after Specialty Training, I had my interview with President Clayton, and it was awesome! I am so grateful for my mission president, also my mission dad, that cares for me and takes care of me. I am extremely grateful. I was the last missionary that came out of the building after the training, and I was on exchanges with Sister Reeves from Brockville. So that was fun. I was forgetful the whole time we're exchanging because of the stress and loaded information in my mind, but I'm glad for Repentance! And the spirit of comfort! =)

On Sunday, the topic at church was all about eternal families. They had 2 baby blessings, which is super cute! During sacrament meeting, I was expressing my gratitude for my family and the love in our families. We might not be the perfect family, but I'm grateful that we have the gospel =)
After church, we met with the Bishop. We shared to him about the new thing that's going on the mission and how we want to work with investigators, less-actives, returning member, and active members (Isn't that amazing? That's totally inspired! Every family members can be active because of it! =D ). He gave us names to work with, and he really is a great bishop! Then, he asked me if I have a high probability of getting transferred. I said yes because the Assistant gave me a little hint after Specialty training. He asked me for our mission president's number, so I'm guessing they're going to let me stay here for a little while because of my language. The ward wants a Chinese family to be sealed in the temple, and they need me to teach them in Chinese and translate for them for the family's temple preparation class. I am glad that I can be Heavenly father's tools in this mission. I am grateful for the talents and abilities that I have developed growing up. 

I had a great exchanges with the Brockville sisters! I am grateful for the trust that the Lord have in me, he truly knows me and know my capability. I might not know it, I might look down on myself, but Heavenly father don't and he never will. =)

I am grateful to be able to strengthen my own testimony about my Savior these past weeks. I love my Savior very much. It is something that I have known growing up, and he was the person that's always been there for me throughout my life. He loves me, and I know He loves you (readers) too. There is nothing far more meaningful than to know that He performed the atonement for us. These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week! 

Sister Yeap
10 August 2015

No. 27: Our apartment almost flooded!

Last week was great! We met this OLD lady. A member in our ward referred her to us because I can speak Chinese. She only speaks Cantonese, and she is from Vietnam. Since I can understand Cantonese, I used my language skills to teach her the message of The Restored Gospel. We have been teaching her for about 3 weeks now. Last week, we knocked on her door for more that 5 times and I was panicking! I was so afraid that she will die in her home! We went to her back yard hoping that she have stairs leading to her back door, but she doesn't have any! So we knocked on her front door again while yelling "Dang Popo!!!!!" which means 'Grandma Dang' in Chinese. Finally, she opened the door! I was so happy to see her although it looked like I woke her up from her sleep. So we gave her The Book of Mormon and a pamphlet to read in Vietnamese because she can't read Chinese and I found out that she might have Alzheimer! She kept on repeating the same questions and saying the same thing. I felt so sad because I would love to teach her more, but I can't because of her situation. But because I know she can receive this message in the spirit world someday, it gave me feeling of peace and joy knowing Heavenly Father's plan and knowing that he is a just and loving God =)
(Sister Rees! This is when the rain starting to stop)
​Last Sunday, we decided to walk instead of driving to church! While we were at church, a member (also our landlord, we are renting her basement) called us and left us a voicemail asking if we're alright because our car was outside her house. So when we got home, we saw her and she told us that she was knocking on our door and yelling our names, terrified that we might have died inside. LOL! That was our fault! Anyway, she told us that she didn't go to church because we're going to experience a huge rainstorm that night and she and her two sons are making a huge trench outside the basement so that we won't get flooded when it rains. So we offered to help them and it was not easy for me to dig up dirt! But I tried! That night, rain came down and outside our apartment, my companion and I, the member and her sons, were struggling to remove water from coming through our door! Then, the rain stops, and we got into our apartment. Then, 10.43pm(10.30pm was our bed time), I just finished praying and my companion decided to turn on the light outside and she saw the two boys were struggling to remove water from the flood again! So we decided to help them and we finally were done at midnight! We were terrified that it might rain again, so we slept on the hallway in our living room! So that was fun! =D
(After digging up a trench, thinking that our service was over)
I love being a missionary. I may not be the best missionary, but I definitely am doing my best. I am grateful for the knowledge of the gospel. If you (readers) love me, and read my email, please! Go to this website:The Restoration Video
and share with me a thought about the video! =)

I love you all~~~!!

Sister Yeap
4 August 2015

No. 26: I'm staying in Oshawa for another transfer!!!!

Yay!!!!! Transfer call was yesterday and my companion and I got to stay in Oshawa for at least another transfer!!! I am so happy! Especially knowing that I have lots of sisters that I have served around with are serving in areas that I cover!!!! Sister Hillman, Sister Womack, and Sister Sudweeks are coming in!!! I love Sister Sudweeks!!! I had the happiest time on my mission being her companion in Oakville! And for the Sisters that are moving into other areas, I wish them the best with joy and success!!!

[  Elder Smith and Elder Winn (Zone Leaders) are whitewashed! Sister Rees and I are staying!!! And Brother Rollin is amazing! He is our DAD in Oshawa!!  ]
 Last week was fun! We got a media referral, so we called and made appointment to drop a Holy Bible that they have requested. There, we had a great discussion and before we left, we gave a prayer and the husband said "Okay, now it's our turn to bless you". They both put each of their hands on our head, and blessed us! Man! We might have to share The Restoration in our next visit! Getting out of the media referral's apartment, we contacted this old guy! He believe in Law of Attraction, and we said we believe that God answers prayers for sure! Then we shook hands, and when he shook my hand, he shook it for the longest time and patted my back! Then he said "Well, I'm thinking of getting a wife" and we were like "Yeah, for sure! We talk to people every day! If we found someone that's searching for a wife, we'll refer her to you". And then he said "But I want a younger wife. I married someone 56 when i was 26, so now I want a younger wife." Owh man! We said bye quickly and walked swiftly to our car! It was scary!!!!! Hahahaha!!! Then my companion told our district leader that I have a new boyfriend that day, LOL!!!! xD

​[  The mouse trap!!!! We spread peanut butter in the pail and since I want the mouse to die ASAP, I sprayed the water with CLOROX and cleaning supplies!!! Hahhaha!​   ]
Thursday night, my companion was on the phone with our district leader, and I was trying to kill a fly with my planner! Then, the fly was unconcious after being hit. I took a tissue paper and the fly was flying again before I got to pick it up! Arggghhh!!! Then, at the same time, I felt something crawling over my foot and I saw a mouse!!!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs!!!! It was disgusting!!! I was screaming "Sister Rees!!!!!! A mouse was on my foot!!! A mouse was on my foot!!!!!!" Sister Rees can't stop laughing, and she can't talk in the phone so my district leader had to call us back when things are calm again. So, our EQ President called and he gave us an idea to make a mouse trap. The next day, the mouse died! it was disgusting!!!! Good thing is, no more mouse poop on waffles!!! =D

​[ It's dead the next morning!!!!  ]
We had STL exchanges with Toronto sisters! Sister Mencarelli came to Oshawa with me! It was a fun exchange! She taught me so much!! I love this Italian sister! She is awesome! 
Our apartment was so warm last night because the AC was broken, so my companion and I spent the night chatting while opening the bedroom window. I love heart-to-heart talk! It was fun! Although waking up feeling sleepy!! Hahahaha!!!

Sister Yeap
27 July 2015

No. 25: I am grateful for the atonement!

This week has been pretty inspiring for me. I have learned so much and I have gained much motivation. Honestly speaking, I have been having a hard time after the emergency transfer because the work in my new area is VERYYYY slow, and it bugs me so much! Especially when I don't know the area, and I have no idea what I need to do or what I'm doing most of the time! But Gos has been listening to my prayers! You know why? Because He answered them!!! I felt so blessed right now! Having prayers answered makes me feel like I'm in Cloud 9! Hahaha!

I have some issues settled up with my companion, and thanks goodness! We both matured so much after all these month we have separated after trainer + trainee transfers! It was a very humbling moment! I felt the differences after being humble and decide together to work things out, I can feel the spirit more! The apartment and our companionship have this glorious and uplifting spirit! I really can testify the importance of companionship unity! Hahahhaa!

I had exchanges at Cobourg with Sister Mandla (She was a Sister Training Leader almost her whole mission), and Sister Miller (Brand new missionary! This is her 1st exchange! Isn't that cute??? ^^). I went to Cobourg with Sister Mandla and it was the most wonderful exchanges that I have ever had! With full of honesty, Sister Mandla has been the answer to my prayers! She is the most consecrated + obedient missionary that I have ever seen, and I love the way she works! Since she have been a STL almost her whole mission, she gave me ideas and counsel on how to be a STL. Oh! Bless her soul! I love her to death! Since my area is struggling, she told me the things that I can implement! And I love them! She is also a wonderful singer! Everytime she sings, I CRY! That had never happened to me! I don't cry! But she made me with her beautiful voice! We taught a part-member family about The restoration, and after the 1st vision, she sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" and it brought the spirit in! After that, I testified and I can't hold me tears! I feel like my heart is exploding! With sincere heartfelt tears, I testified that Joseph Smith really saw Heavenly father and Jesus Christ and he indeed is a prophet of God! I strengthen my testimony so much! I won't ever forget this experience! I am so sad that Sister Mandla only have 7 days left in her mission, but I know she will do wonders after her mission! And I will see her again as she is achieving her ambition to Broadway! She is a true Aussie! =D

The next day, Sister Rees and I had the most revelatory and most inspired weekly planning ever! It is because of the spirit in our companionship! We have great desire to change and help our area. I am super pumped right now! I can't even express myself! I love my mission! And I won't waste any time that I have to serve my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Dear readers, I know that Joseph Smith is truly a prophet of God. He saw Heavenly father and Jesus Christ that told him to restore the true church on earth. I know that my Savior lives, I know that he performed the Atonement, the infinite and eternal sacrifice, that we may all fulfill our purpose on earth and back to our Heavenly father's presence. 


Sister Yeap
20 July 2015

No.24: Emergency Transferred to Oshawa as Sister Training Leader

Hey!!! Last week was CRAZY!!!!!!! I don't even know how to begin...Well.... Let me start from the beginning of the week ~ =)
​(I Love Chinatown!!!!)
On Monday, I hit my half-way mark being on the field. It was 6th October last year when I flew to Canada! I remember it was an exhausting day! Plus I was sad leaving my lovely MTC companion, Sister Wang! Anyway, Sister Bott and I went to Chinatown to meet with our Sister Training LLeaders to celebrate my half-way mark! In Chinatown, we bumped into lots of elders and sisters! I wonder what happened that everyone was there! Anyway, we went to a bakery store and I bought pineapple buns and dumplings! Went to Kensington market! It was fun!

Tuesday, This is where the good part begins! We did missionary work like usual, planned to drop by people that don't have any contact information the ward list, and drop by media referrals too. Sadly, it was raining heavily the whole day! So we got drenched from top to bottom! When we got into the subway, it was super cold because of the AC! Then on our way home, we realized that we had a missed call from our mission president, President Clayton! I was shocked! He even texted us to call him back. So when we got into the apartment, we called him back! And with his loving and tender voice, he said "Hello sisters, how are you?​" And I said "His President Clayton! We're doing good! This is Sister Bott and Sister Yeap!" And he said " It's good to hear you voice, sisters... It's good to hear your voice.... Are you keeping yourself from being wet?" And I said "We're soaked!!!! " And he's like... "That's the right word to put it... So, sisters.... Sister R is a Sister Training Leader, and she had to go home because of medical issues.. She is from Brantford, so Sister Vance from Oshawa will be replacing her..." In my heart, I was like... OK...... A sister have to go home, so...??? And he said "So... Sister... YEAP..." Okay, to tell you the truth, Sister Bott saw my hand was shaking while holding the phone after President said those words... Anyway, he said "You are going to be an STL in Oshawa with Sister Rees" And we were so shocked! Sister Rees was my trainer!!! My grandma (Sister Warburton) and my mom(Sister Rees) started to become Sister Training Leaders in Oshawa, and now I'm coming in! To Oshawa! With my mom! And I responded "I didn't know that". He said "No one knows that, and I know this is right. An STL is a big responsibility and I know you can do it." And he told my companion, Sister Bott that she'll be staying with Toronto East STL, so they will be in a trio... After the phone call, I was crying so hard! I love Toronto so much and we were having so many success, hit standards of excellence every week, and now our area is closed for 3 weeks because we're in the middle of the transfer! I hugged Sister Bott and said "I will miss you so much! I don't want to leave!" Then, I pointed at the names of people that we're working with, and asked Sister Bott to take care of those people because she is still in the same ward. That night, we started packing....
​(Yay for Tim Hortons!!!!)
Wednesday, we went to mission home... There are few Sister Training Leaders there, and it was sad that I have to leave my companion, Sister Bott. It was a sad goodbye.Thursday, I had my first exchanges with Sister Leeson!!! She was my companion in Kingston! And I get to be with her in Brockville, a city of 1000 Island! You can see New York clearly from their lake! It's so close! We had a fun time together! I appreciate that she was my first exchange! I love her so much! We also get to weed a returning member's raspberry garden! It was my first time weeding and now I have few cuts on my arms! But it's okay! It was fun!
(​It was Sister Leeson's companion's birthday during exchanges, so I left a birthday note on her steering wheel!! Hehehe!!)
Anyway, Oshawa is awesome! I hope that I can adapt to this place, because I'm still used to do the things that I love very much, which includes using public transit, talking to people in subways and buses, having people all around to talk to, Sister Bott, and the merry and busy Toronto!

Sister Yeap
13 July 2015