Thursday, 1 October 2015

No. 20: Mandarin assignment is done, now back to English work

Transfer call was yesterday! I thought that my other companion, Sister Kuo is leaving because she stayed in the same ward for 6 transfers, which is her whole mission! But then, guess what? The mission is closing our area because of the decrease number of missionaries! Sister Kuo is staying in the ward but moving to other area and me and my other companion, Sister Penrod is leaving! My trainee is going to pinkwash Kitchener, and I am going to Toronto South, which is the downtown's most downtown area in Toronto, and going back to English work! I was so sad! I didn't expect it coming, because I thought that I am going to be Chinese speaking until the end of my mission. In the phone, I said "Why you put me back into English work??" And the Assistant said, "Don't worry, you will go back soon" Okay, I don't believe him but I have to. I ONLY HAVE BEEN IN CHINESE WORK FOR A TRANSFER!!!! I was so sad, because I am starting to love Bayview ward, love Mandarin work, and now I'm leaving everything. I worked so hard trying to learn and improve my Mandarin Language, I am starting to write and read in Chinese, I can even read The Book of Mormon in Chinese. I was devastated. I can't really sleep that night, but thank goodness I did. Waking up in the morning, I had bad stomachache and kept using the washroom. But my stomach ache didn't go away. I told my companions about it and they said it is a gas pain, which is resulted from either being too excited or too stressful. I think it is because I was too stressful. Even now while writing this email, my stomach doesn't feel good. I told my district leader that I felt like I'm a ping pong ball, going back and forth. Then my district leader told me that maybe it is because you are a fixer. It's hard for me to believe that too, but I have to. Now thinking about it, it is an ASSIGNMENT. Whatever my call is, it is an assignment. I just have to have faith in my mission president, in my Heavenly Father. I know that I am in an area for a reason. Although it is hard for me to leave something that I love, but it is only an assignment. As long as I am being obedient and consecrated, as long as I work hard to accomplish my assignments, I will be able to be a MISSIONARY. A missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be, and he have plans for me, assignments for me to accomplish. I go through transitions all the time on my mission, it is always stressful at first, but it is fun, adventurous, and exciting. I know that I need transitions so that I won't be in my comfort zone.

 With his wonderful family. I love this family so much! =))))
GREAT NEWSSSS!!!! I had my 2nd Chinese baptism yesterday! His name is Li Hai He! He is a dad and he migrated to Canada with his wife and 2 kids. On my first day in this area, I was there teaching him the 1st lesson because he came to church for the first time the Sunday before. Now, at the end of the transfer, he got baptized! I was afraid at first and was asking him a lot of questions to see if he really is ready. We even had our Bishop in his lesson, and Li Hai He truly have the strongest faith and desire to be baptized. He didn't believe in God before, but he said he now have faith that there is a God and Jesus Christ is his savior. He knows The Book of Mormon is true, he knows that Prophet Joseph Smith is a prophet of God! Li Hai He might be moving to Alberta because he is in mining profession, and he can't get any job in Toronto. We asked him if he is going to go to church when have to work on Sunday, and he said he will and he will tell his boss about that. He said he will read The Book of Mormon every day. Li Hai He is such an awesome person! I know that he will baptize his wife and children someday, and they will be sealed in the temple! I am looking forward for that and I want to witness their sealing! =)

Transfers just flies by so quickly. I can't believe it! Now I want to do more on my mission and make sure I'm not wasting any time. I know that I will have fun in my new area, and I will love my new companion. I love Sister Kuo and Sister Penrod, and looking forward to get back to Mandarin work and serve with them again. Missionary work is fun! =)
Our district drawing drew by Elder Johnson! =)

Sister Yeap
16 Jun 2015

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