Thursday, 1 October 2015

No. 25: I am grateful for the atonement!

This week has been pretty inspiring for me. I have learned so much and I have gained much motivation. Honestly speaking, I have been having a hard time after the emergency transfer because the work in my new area is VERYYYY slow, and it bugs me so much! Especially when I don't know the area, and I have no idea what I need to do or what I'm doing most of the time! But Gos has been listening to my prayers! You know why? Because He answered them!!! I felt so blessed right now! Having prayers answered makes me feel like I'm in Cloud 9! Hahaha!

I have some issues settled up with my companion, and thanks goodness! We both matured so much after all these month we have separated after trainer + trainee transfers! It was a very humbling moment! I felt the differences after being humble and decide together to work things out, I can feel the spirit more! The apartment and our companionship have this glorious and uplifting spirit! I really can testify the importance of companionship unity! Hahahhaa!

I had exchanges at Cobourg with Sister Mandla (She was a Sister Training Leader almost her whole mission), and Sister Miller (Brand new missionary! This is her 1st exchange! Isn't that cute??? ^^). I went to Cobourg with Sister Mandla and it was the most wonderful exchanges that I have ever had! With full of honesty, Sister Mandla has been the answer to my prayers! She is the most consecrated + obedient missionary that I have ever seen, and I love the way she works! Since she have been a STL almost her whole mission, she gave me ideas and counsel on how to be a STL. Oh! Bless her soul! I love her to death! Since my area is struggling, she told me the things that I can implement! And I love them! She is also a wonderful singer! Everytime she sings, I CRY! That had never happened to me! I don't cry! But she made me with her beautiful voice! We taught a part-member family about The restoration, and after the 1st vision, she sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" and it brought the spirit in! After that, I testified and I can't hold me tears! I feel like my heart is exploding! With sincere heartfelt tears, I testified that Joseph Smith really saw Heavenly father and Jesus Christ and he indeed is a prophet of God! I strengthen my testimony so much! I won't ever forget this experience! I am so sad that Sister Mandla only have 7 days left in her mission, but I know she will do wonders after her mission! And I will see her again as she is achieving her ambition to Broadway! She is a true Aussie! =D

The next day, Sister Rees and I had the most revelatory and most inspired weekly planning ever! It is because of the spirit in our companionship! We have great desire to change and help our area. I am super pumped right now! I can't even express myself! I love my mission! And I won't waste any time that I have to serve my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Dear readers, I know that Joseph Smith is truly a prophet of God. He saw Heavenly father and Jesus Christ that told him to restore the true church on earth. I know that my Savior lives, I know that he performed the Atonement, the infinite and eternal sacrifice, that we may all fulfill our purpose on earth and back to our Heavenly father's presence. 


Sister Yeap
20 July 2015

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