Thursday, 4 February 2016

Grateful for the wonderful leaders that make me feel important

Dear friends and family, 

I'm enjoying Mississauga. It's not the same as my previous area because now I'm serving in a bigger city, bigger than Chicago or Vancouver. I had no idea how I covered the whole Toronto few transfers ago. That was fun. I love people. I love to talk to my brothers and sisters and testify to them. Although Mississauga is bigger than my previous area, the work here is way slower. But not for too long! =) It may be hard because a lot of the members and the people that we're teaching are busy because of Christmas and New Year, but Heavenly Father will surely provide us the way to success
​, as long as I'm being obedient and work hard =)

This week we found Adam, and he is awesome! We taught him The Restoration and he already believed in apostasy and dispensation! Few days later, we gave him a chapel tour and asked him if he's staying for a Christmas Party that night. He looked at us and apologized deeply that he couldn't He moved to Brampton and just lost his job, so he is in a tight situation right now. He told us that He will cal us when everything is settled down. I felt so sad that it broke my heart. Sister Turley and I got into the car after the lesson, and I said "It felt like a missionary break-up."Anyway, I'll keep him in my prayers and hoping that the seed we planted will grow someday. 

I went on exchanges with Sister Kuo and Sister Penrod! I enjoyed it so much! It felt Bayview once again! I love them! We served together for a transfer when I was in Mandarin work, and now they are doing amazing in their area! Sister Kuo is always the most patient sister in the mission, and Sister Penrod is still working with turbo power! I learned so much from them and I am grateful for their love in the work! 

We had zone conference this week, which is something I have been waiting for! We got to sing 12 days of Christmas and my group was the "Five Golden Ring~!" We have 4 new French speaking missionaries that moved into our mission from Montreal Mission because of our new area boundaries. It was a fun conference. 

Last Sunday, the Mandarin sisters dropped by and gave Sister Turley a birthday surprise! That was so cute of them! I drew a calligraphy on a birthday + Christmas card for Sister Turley. That night, the Assistants to the Presidents called and told us about a referral, and at the end of the conversation He said, "Thank you so much for all your hard work. You are truly the backbone of the mission." After the phone call, Sister Turley looked at me and asked, "What do they mean by backbone?" I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't know, maybe they're just saying that we're important". Then, that night, President Clayton and Sister Clayton called to wish Sister Turley Happy Birthday! That was great! And at the end of the phone call, President Clayton said, "You both are the most powerful missionaries in the mission." Sister Turley and I bit our fingers and gave each other a High Five! That truly made our day! Haha! Thank you for the miracles, Heavenly Father!

Sister Yeap
14th December 2015

No. 37: Now in Mississauga and we call ourselves Jinglessauga!!!!

Dear friends and family, I love you all so dearly. I didn't understand how broad of a concept of love is. I remember at the beginning of my mission, I felt weird when people told me they loved me. My trainer was super cheesy, and I wanted to make her cheesiness moldy. Haha! She's great! She taught me how to be loving. Now, as a missionary, I learned how to tell people that I love them and Heavenly father loves them too. My favorite phrase was "Let's baptize this person", now it changed to "I know that Heavenly father LOVES you!!!". It makes me happy whenever I say that to people. Hahaha! Now, I want to tell you that your Heavenly father loves you! And thank you so much for your help and support at this time of loss. I know that he is in a better place now. I miss him very much and he will always stays in my heart. 

I'm now in the City of Mississauga! It's busier than Oshawa! Way way way busier because it is neighboring with Toronto! I love big cities! Even though Oshawa was also part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Mississauga is so diverse that I was kind of shocked at first. Now I'm just in the midst of adjusting to another phase of missionary work. The members here seems great, and I will look forward for what's happening. It's going to be an interesting transfer. 

One huge miracle last week! We were posting our ESL (English as a second language) flyers, and talking to everyone at the same time. OYM is my favorite thing to do! We were talking to this nice lady, my companion was complementing her beautiful hair, and we started to talk to her. She said that she was just heading home from her church. We shared with her A Savior is Born card! I asked her if she knew why a savior was born, she said she didn't. Then, I told her the purpose of our Savior's atonement, and bore my testimony on how we need the atonement in our life. Then, she mentioned that she have a rough life, and her brother is a drug addict and asking for money from everyone for his drug. I felt so sad to hear that. It breaks my heart. We told her that her Heavenly Father loves her dearly and my companion pulled out a beautiful wrapped gift (It is the BOM), with Joy to The World card on it. Sister Turley told her that the gift is for her and the lady almost cried! We talked to many grumpy and drunk people that night, but that experience really made our day! Oh how much people need God's love! I love being a missionary!  

I am studying how to become the Lord's chosen vessel. Few weeks ago, Elder Perkins said that to become a chosen vessel, we need to have strong faith,and a  firm mind, in every form of Godliness. I'm doing my best! It's not easy to be Christlike at all times, but I'm so grateful for my Savior to help me through this journey! I love you all! Take care!!!!

Sister Yeap
7th December 2015

Temple-filled week & first snow in Ontario! =D

Last week was amazing! We picked up one of a missionary that's going back to Hong Kong, and drove back to Oshawa to witness Bro. Ai receive his Melchizedek Priesthood. I am so glad that there were no traffic passing by Toronto, and we were able to arrive at Bro Ai's place on time. 

The next day, we were able to meet with Elder Perkins from the Seventy! He is an amazing man, he truly inspired me, he changed me as an individual, and totally changed my mission from that day! He served as a missionary in Taiwan Taipei Mission, and became a mission president in the same mission years later. Then he became a seventy serving in Asia Area Presidency. I felt like I can relate to him. He told me that he went to Tawau and KK a few times, and I wondered if I met him before. I am so grateful to be able to listen to his great inspiring stories and wise counsels. I learned the importance of being the Lord's chosen vessel. The importance of Christlike attributes, obedience, diligence, talking to everyone, and fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. 

Before the mission tour, we were asked to prepare a 3 mins talk on "Fulfilling My Purpose as Missionary" and my companion was being very diligent in preparing her talk. Well, honestly, the spirit and my companion has been telling me to prepare mine, but I was hesitating and I told myself "What should I share if I'm called to stand up the pulpit?" So I only studied about it, but didn't have the chance to prepare a talk. The day came, and I was called among lots of missionaries to be one of the three to share my talk. Honestly, I tried to cover my nervousness and stayed calm when I gave my talk. Thanks to the power of testimony! I testified from the bottom of my heart on how important it is to fulfill my purpose as missionary (And thanks to the studies I had previously). It all went well, and I felt good about it. Thank goodness, it was only for 3 minutes =D

The next day, we applied the principle of Talking to Everyone and we have seen so many success! Met so many great people and got so many potentials! 

On Friday, we had another MLC with Elder Perkins and it was amazing! We felt so blessed to watch the Christmas Initiative video for A SAVIOR IS BORN and an animated video of what will happen to the world without a savior. we were privileged to be the first to watch them outside of Salt Lake! That's what you get when you have Elder Perkins with you! =D

The next day, we were at the temple to join the Ai family's endowment session in Mandarin and sealing! It was a heartfelt experience. No words can describe how joyful were we to witness that beautiful and sacred moment of their life. I am so happy that they finally are sealed as a family for time and eternity =)

On Sunday, we had Montreal Temple Rededication. It was a great experience to watch a LIVE session of a temple being dedicated as a house of the Lord. Later in the day, we had a lesson with Xiao Lin and Bro Ai was able to share his testimony about the Savior and how the gospel blessed his life. I felt so proud! It was amazing! I love serving as a missionary and see how gospel change lives and how it can bring happiness to the ones that sincerely seek and have real intent. 

Transfer call will be nextweek. I kind of know what will happen because a missionary heard something during MLC about me, haha! I love you all! 

P/S: First snow last Saturday! It's getting colder now! I am not looking forward for winter, but I guess I have to enjoy every bits of it =)

And... Do anyone of you know Elder Perkins? I would love to know if it is possible for me to have the chance to email him because I'm pretty sure I met him when Pres Clark was the mission president in Singapore mission =)

Sister Yeap
23rd November 2015

No. 36: Stake conference!

Last week was very busy! Our favourite day of the week is Sunday because we always are surprised by the total key indicators for the week. Our returning member, Bro Ai has been sustained as an elder in stake conference, our mission president, President Clayton and Sister Clayton was there and gave an amazing talk. Other Returning member that we're working with went to the temple after so many years. The last time he went the was in 1990s. He gave us a voicemail after he got back from the temple and sang "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" and told us that he met lots of people he knew, including the person that baptized him when he was 8 years old. 

I love Sister Hillman very much! She is an amazing companion! We love Oshawa very very much! 

P/S: I'm going to the temple this Saturday because Bro Ai and his family are going to be sealed! Yay!!!

Sister Yeap
16th November 2015

No. 35: Standards! Standards! Standards! And baptism!!!! =)

The whole work of salvation is REAL!!!!!! We honestly don't ever have time to contact and talk to everyone, we have busy going from appointments to appointments, not even have time to contact a referral that we have received since last week! But I have no idea where these people came from, they just come out of nowhere and we were able to have 4 new investigators in a week without finding time! =D This really strengthens my testimony of the whole work of salvation! My mission president is inspired!!!!
This week we had MLC, and it was amazing! we were instructed on having 15-20 mins lesson, and it feels so good to know that we can teach short lessons, and be full-purpose and effective missionary! Sister Hillman and I were able to bring this instruction to Oshawa and Kingston Zone Council and presented them to the missionaries in both zones. I feel bad for the Oshawa zone instruction that we gave, because of lack of preparation, it was a mess. And Kingston zone always have the best part of our instructions. Hahaha!
On Wednesday, Cleopatre Mbuyi got baptized! We were 10 mins late driving from our MLC meeting from Brampton + traffic in Toronto! And few minutes before the baptism, our ward mission leader that's supposed to conduct the meeting had high blood pressure and went to the hospital. It was a hectic evening where our investigators and his friends that planned to go to the baptism were waiting to be picked up by our WML, but they had no phone number for us to contact! Poor him and his friends, but luckily he understands and came to church that Sunday. But back to the baptism, Brother Kalala, which is the Mbuyi's home teacher was able to conduct! It was all over the place and we even prayed before singing our opening hymn, but it's okay! Cleopatre got baptized anyway! Her dad baptized her in French language, and it was a neat experience!

Had exchanges with Sister Liao from Brockville! It was so much fun! She is a Mandarin speaking missionary, but got assigned to English work this transfer! We enjoyed each other company and communicated in Mandarin the whole time! it was fun! I love how she teaches so simply, that 15-20 mins lesson wasn't a problem! She is so Christlike and loving, that you always feel warmth in your heart whenever you talk to her. SHE IS THE CUTEST!!!!! 
Just to let you know and to make my email more interesting, CRAZY THINGS HAPPEN IN MY EXCHANGES! Most of the time!!!!! One of them was with Sister Liao, where I stepped on something stinky and we realized it when we went to the library for language study. I thought it's the smell of the "Dirty $hwa", but nope! It's me! I had to clean my boots in the library washroom, and cleaned the car! It's crazy! Hahaha!
I just want to share with you my testimony about prayer. This week I learned that God answers prayers, and prayer is real. I remember praying for many weeks for an investigators that I found in Bayview (Few transfers ago) to receive his answer about the church and about The BOM, and I thought he dropped the missionaries,but I received an amazing news that he got baptized!
On Sunday, I was partaking of the sacrament and I prayed real hard for Heavenly father to remove the bad feeling in my heart and help me become more charitable and loving. the moment I finished my prayer, my bad feeling were gone and I felt peace instead. Not because it is psychologically logical, but it's because there is a God, and He is our loving Heavenly Father. And He always help us and show us His love by his Holy Spirit. I testify to that =)

P/S: Hey! Clay! I am replying you here! I am planning to go to BYU! But have to earn enough money first before going there. I'm so broke! Hahaha! 

Sister Yeap
9th November 2015

"No. 34: A crazily miraculous new transfer!!!"

As a missionary, I always hear people say "The Blessed Land". When I was a new missionary, I had no idea what that meant. But now I do! I am so blessed to serve in the blessed land of OSHAWA!! 

This transfer, we have a new companionship of sisters to work with, they are Sister Robb and a new missionary, Sister Mosquera! 

We have miracles upon miracles in the 1st week of the transfer! Finally, the seeds that we have planted have grown and ready to harvest! After 16 months of not having a baptism in the ward, finally a baptism is coming up in November 4th! 

Two returning members are getting their Melchizedek Priesthood on November 14th! Our mission president will be there to witness that! 

A family is getting sealed on November 21st! And a baptism is happening on the same day! 

Two returning members are taking a 12 step recovery program for smoking and gambling! 

An offended returning member came to church with her son and felt loved and welcomed in the ward. In her lesson, she offered the most sincere prayer I have ever heard where she told Heavenly Father she felt loved and welcomed and she is sorry for being offended before. 

I have no idea how all these things happened. I am very grateful and thankful for all these miracles and blessings. 

The drought is over! The rain came, the soil is nourished, and the land is blessed! Oshawa is truly the blessed land! All because the tender mercies given by God and the love that He has for His children. I am grateful to be able to witness all the love that He has for His children =)

Sister Hillman and I are having fun working with each other. Can't wait to see more happening this transfer. Please pray for us that everything may go well! =)

P/S: Please watch this video [Click here] . It is amazing! Really strengthened my testimony about Joseph Smith as a prophet of God! 

Sister Yeap
26th October 2015

General conference and 3 meetings in a row! BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!

Last week was pretty fun! I had exchanges with Cobourg sister, and I got to spend time with Sister Strong. She is from Washington, and she's amazing! Where can you meet the coolest sister missionary that race ATV's? Haha! I had so much fun with her! 

Then, I got to stay for the night in Toronto and had Missionary Leadership Council the next day, which took up our whole day! It was fun! I was so excited to see a lot of Sisters there served in Hamilton Zone!! YAY!!! Hamilton Zone rules!!! 

Then we had instructions in Oshawa Zone Council and Kingston Zone Council. Let me tell you how our instruction in Kingston went! It was the best thing ever! We were instructing on asking inspired questions, and we had Elder Pumford and Elder Rasmussen in Trenton to act for us the story of Ammon and King Lamoni in Alma 18! It turned out to be the best act ever! I wish I can send the video to you guys, but... Too bad~ =( I have an increase testimony of the Book of Mormon, of how true it is after seeing a real-act of the elders! 

[I love Kingston Zone!!! ]

General conference was amazing! I learned so much! I invite all of you to ponder the talks given and list down specific actions you're starting to take from today! Make it happen! The talks are inspired from heaven! =)

Sister Yeap
6th October 2015