Thursday, 4 February 2016

No. 33: The Atonement is real

This week has been amazing, we have seen so many miracles! And I want to share with you some of them!

We were teaching a returning member in a library, at the end of the lesson, a random came up to and said "Hey! Are you doing bible study? Can I join you guys? I don't want to be in a M religion anymore, I want to be converted to Christianity." Were like... "Yeah! Sure!" And he has been amazing ever since! =D

We are teaching a new investigator, Daniel, and he came to church yesterday. A lot of members bore their testimony during fast & testimony meeting, and Daniel suddenly came up to the stand. So Sister Hillman and I quickly went up to share our testimony too. Daniel is a cool guy from Congo, and he LOVES GOD!!! He went up the pulpit and said "PRAISE THE LORD!!!!" **3 seconds of silence** The he said "GOOD MORNING!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!" I was saying "Good morning!!" behind him but for the congregation, there were **2 seconds of silence** Haha! He might realize our way of worship is very reverent, but then he continued and said "I just want to share you my testimony. I love GOD, I love Jesus Christ. I love teaching about God and Jesus Christ. I am from Congo. In Congo, I won't be alive now if it's not because of Jesus. I am happy to be here and praise God, etc. etc. etc." He is amazing! Super cool guy! He knows the 1st vision is true, and during Gospel Principles, he asked "How can I be like Joseph Smith?"

Last Sunday, I bore my testimony on how I have lots of hopes and drems growing up, and one of them was to go to the temple. And it was also one of the reason why I'm here on my mission. The Atonement made it possible for me to be the person I am now. The atonement is real. I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ that made it possible for me. 

Sister Yeap
28tj September 2015

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