Thursday, 4 February 2016

"No. 34: A crazily miraculous new transfer!!!"

As a missionary, I always hear people say "The Blessed Land". When I was a new missionary, I had no idea what that meant. But now I do! I am so blessed to serve in the blessed land of OSHAWA!! 

This transfer, we have a new companionship of sisters to work with, they are Sister Robb and a new missionary, Sister Mosquera! 

We have miracles upon miracles in the 1st week of the transfer! Finally, the seeds that we have planted have grown and ready to harvest! After 16 months of not having a baptism in the ward, finally a baptism is coming up in November 4th! 

Two returning members are getting their Melchizedek Priesthood on November 14th! Our mission president will be there to witness that! 

A family is getting sealed on November 21st! And a baptism is happening on the same day! 

Two returning members are taking a 12 step recovery program for smoking and gambling! 

An offended returning member came to church with her son and felt loved and welcomed in the ward. In her lesson, she offered the most sincere prayer I have ever heard where she told Heavenly Father she felt loved and welcomed and she is sorry for being offended before. 

I have no idea how all these things happened. I am very grateful and thankful for all these miracles and blessings. 

The drought is over! The rain came, the soil is nourished, and the land is blessed! Oshawa is truly the blessed land! All because the tender mercies given by God and the love that He has for His children. I am grateful to be able to witness all the love that He has for His children =)

Sister Hillman and I are having fun working with each other. Can't wait to see more happening this transfer. Please pray for us that everything may go well! =)

P/S: Please watch this video [Click here] . It is amazing! Really strengthened my testimony about Joseph Smith as a prophet of God! 

Sister Yeap
26th October 2015

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