Thursday, 4 February 2016

Temple-filled week & first snow in Ontario! =D

Last week was amazing! We picked up one of a missionary that's going back to Hong Kong, and drove back to Oshawa to witness Bro. Ai receive his Melchizedek Priesthood. I am so glad that there were no traffic passing by Toronto, and we were able to arrive at Bro Ai's place on time. 

The next day, we were able to meet with Elder Perkins from the Seventy! He is an amazing man, he truly inspired me, he changed me as an individual, and totally changed my mission from that day! He served as a missionary in Taiwan Taipei Mission, and became a mission president in the same mission years later. Then he became a seventy serving in Asia Area Presidency. I felt like I can relate to him. He told me that he went to Tawau and KK a few times, and I wondered if I met him before. I am so grateful to be able to listen to his great inspiring stories and wise counsels. I learned the importance of being the Lord's chosen vessel. The importance of Christlike attributes, obedience, diligence, talking to everyone, and fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. 

Before the mission tour, we were asked to prepare a 3 mins talk on "Fulfilling My Purpose as Missionary" and my companion was being very diligent in preparing her talk. Well, honestly, the spirit and my companion has been telling me to prepare mine, but I was hesitating and I told myself "What should I share if I'm called to stand up the pulpit?" So I only studied about it, but didn't have the chance to prepare a talk. The day came, and I was called among lots of missionaries to be one of the three to share my talk. Honestly, I tried to cover my nervousness and stayed calm when I gave my talk. Thanks to the power of testimony! I testified from the bottom of my heart on how important it is to fulfill my purpose as missionary (And thanks to the studies I had previously). It all went well, and I felt good about it. Thank goodness, it was only for 3 minutes =D

The next day, we applied the principle of Talking to Everyone and we have seen so many success! Met so many great people and got so many potentials! 

On Friday, we had another MLC with Elder Perkins and it was amazing! We felt so blessed to watch the Christmas Initiative video for A SAVIOR IS BORN and an animated video of what will happen to the world without a savior. we were privileged to be the first to watch them outside of Salt Lake! That's what you get when you have Elder Perkins with you! =D

The next day, we were at the temple to join the Ai family's endowment session in Mandarin and sealing! It was a heartfelt experience. No words can describe how joyful were we to witness that beautiful and sacred moment of their life. I am so happy that they finally are sealed as a family for time and eternity =)

On Sunday, we had Montreal Temple Rededication. It was a great experience to watch a LIVE session of a temple being dedicated as a house of the Lord. Later in the day, we had a lesson with Xiao Lin and Bro Ai was able to share his testimony about the Savior and how the gospel blessed his life. I felt so proud! It was amazing! I love serving as a missionary and see how gospel change lives and how it can bring happiness to the ones that sincerely seek and have real intent. 

Transfer call will be nextweek. I kind of know what will happen because a missionary heard something during MLC about me, haha! I love you all! 

P/S: First snow last Saturday! It's getting colder now! I am not looking forward for winter, but I guess I have to enjoy every bits of it =)

And... Do anyone of you know Elder Perkins? I would love to know if it is possible for me to have the chance to email him because I'm pretty sure I met him when Pres Clark was the mission president in Singapore mission =)

Sister Yeap
23rd November 2015

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