Thursday, 4 February 2016

No. 31: An Emergency transfer!!!! And I'm training a new Sister Training Leader!!!!

An emergency transfer! Again! Sister Rees and I were getting out of the care to help someone to weed their yard, and we realized we had a missed call from our MISSION PRESIDENT, President Clayton and a voicemail! Then we called him back and he told us that we're having an ET! Sister Rees is transferring to Barrie, and I'm having Sister Hillman as a new STL! And Sister Sudweeks is coming back to Oshawa zone, replacing Sister Hillman in Ajax! Yay!!!!!! I'm glad she is back!!!!!

​[ Our first official day as companions! ]

Sister Hillman is amazing! When I was exchanging with her last transfer, I knew that I'm going to train her as new STL in Oshawa! I love her hard work and diligence! You can just feel her spirit and know that she is a good missionary!
 [Our returning member, Bob gave us ice cream!!!! ]
Last week, we have seen many amazing, wonderful miracles! We hit standards in investigators and returning members! Angela, our new investigator, got fellowship like crazy by Spanish members! 
Our WML assistant is having the missionary fire! He is awesome! He is having us over for dinner this Sunday and I'm going to cook Malaysian food for them! I'm excited!!!! If it doesn't taste good or authentic, I don't have to worry because none of them have ever tasted Malaysian food before. Haha!

Last week, it was a rainy week!!! And cold too for this season!! It was 14 degree celcius!!! Dang!!! Can't do anything about it, the weather is a gift from God! =) What else I can say? Everything is amazing! We might be getting a baptism this transfer too, so pray hard for Sister Hillman and I! =D 

​[ I testify to what Elder Dallin H. Oaks has said is true! ]

General conference is coming up!!! Who is excited?? ME!!!!!!
I invite you all to prepare for upcoming October General conference! There is a website for you to check out on how you can prepare! CLICK HERE

Take care! Have a blessed week everyone!!!

Sister Yeap
14th September 2015

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