Thursday, 4 February 2016

Grateful for the wonderful leaders that make me feel important

Dear friends and family, 

I'm enjoying Mississauga. It's not the same as my previous area because now I'm serving in a bigger city, bigger than Chicago or Vancouver. I had no idea how I covered the whole Toronto few transfers ago. That was fun. I love people. I love to talk to my brothers and sisters and testify to them. Although Mississauga is bigger than my previous area, the work here is way slower. But not for too long! =) It may be hard because a lot of the members and the people that we're teaching are busy because of Christmas and New Year, but Heavenly Father will surely provide us the way to success
​, as long as I'm being obedient and work hard =)

This week we found Adam, and he is awesome! We taught him The Restoration and he already believed in apostasy and dispensation! Few days later, we gave him a chapel tour and asked him if he's staying for a Christmas Party that night. He looked at us and apologized deeply that he couldn't He moved to Brampton and just lost his job, so he is in a tight situation right now. He told us that He will cal us when everything is settled down. I felt so sad that it broke my heart. Sister Turley and I got into the car after the lesson, and I said "It felt like a missionary break-up."Anyway, I'll keep him in my prayers and hoping that the seed we planted will grow someday. 

I went on exchanges with Sister Kuo and Sister Penrod! I enjoyed it so much! It felt Bayview once again! I love them! We served together for a transfer when I was in Mandarin work, and now they are doing amazing in their area! Sister Kuo is always the most patient sister in the mission, and Sister Penrod is still working with turbo power! I learned so much from them and I am grateful for their love in the work! 

We had zone conference this week, which is something I have been waiting for! We got to sing 12 days of Christmas and my group was the "Five Golden Ring~!" We have 4 new French speaking missionaries that moved into our mission from Montreal Mission because of our new area boundaries. It was a fun conference. 

Last Sunday, the Mandarin sisters dropped by and gave Sister Turley a birthday surprise! That was so cute of them! I drew a calligraphy on a birthday + Christmas card for Sister Turley. That night, the Assistants to the Presidents called and told us about a referral, and at the end of the conversation He said, "Thank you so much for all your hard work. You are truly the backbone of the mission." After the phone call, Sister Turley looked at me and asked, "What do they mean by backbone?" I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't know, maybe they're just saying that we're important". Then, that night, President Clayton and Sister Clayton called to wish Sister Turley Happy Birthday! That was great! And at the end of the phone call, President Clayton said, "You both are the most powerful missionaries in the mission." Sister Turley and I bit our fingers and gave each other a High Five! That truly made our day! Haha! Thank you for the miracles, Heavenly Father!

Sister Yeap
14th December 2015

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