Sunday, 12 April 2015

Niagara Falls 6

 Wax made joker~

Sister Yeap

Niagara Falls 5

 Sharon Stone! Haha!
 Made from a camel's bone!
 It's genuine!
 That girl is not real, made from wax!
The same as this guy! Haha!

Sister Yeap 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Niagara Falls 4

 Chinese Lily Slippers~ So small!!
 With a huge chair~!
Another sister's hand at the back.. Ruining my picture~ @@~

The Lizard man!!!~!

Sister Yeap

Niagara Falls 3

 With a wax made human~
 Those wax people can move and perform songs~~ >.<!
Oakville Ward sisters!!

Sister Yeap

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Niagara Falls 2

                                                     Niagara Falls from many miles away~
                                                    Very interesting Burger King restaurant~
                                                                        Movie Theatre~
                                                    Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum!!!!!

Sister Yeap

Niagara Falls 1

                                                                          Koi fishes
                                                                With some of the staffs~
                                                                     Bamboo selfie~~

No. 13: A precious soul entered into the water of baptism, March 8th, 2015.

I remember the first time we saw Manny, he was walking into the apartment building where we were going to meet with our investigator. He helped us to open the door and Sister Kemp, a wonderful member missionary talked to him about the church and missionaries. I took his contact information and contacted him few weeks later with Sister Sudweeks.
              (My first week in Oakville, found out Sister Kemp came from the same province as my Mum)
The first lesson was in Wimpy's Diner restaurant. It was loud but we prayed hard for the spirit to be in the lesson. It's hard when he kept on bashing our points, and he was the person we least expected to be baptized. But as time goes by, we never give up on helping him to learn of his Heavenly Father's love.We had to exercise patience of course, but we knew that he need the gospel. Members of the ward was awesome, they continually fellowship him and helped him to feel comfortable attending church and invited him over their home for dinner and special occasions.
                                         (With my beautiful companion, Sister Sudweeks)
​Slowly he opened up and started to share more about his feelings and experiences. But he is still not ready for baptism. One day, Sister Sudweeks and I decided to call him and ask him about his Book of Mormon reading. He missed our call and then he called us back (Which we missed. Phone tag, LOL!) and left us a voicemail that said "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sisters in Christ. Sorry I missed your call." We called him and He told us he read 3 Nephi 18. We were talking in the phone about his understanding of the chapter, and he suddenly said "I want to be born again" And we said "What?" "I want to be born again Mormon", he replied. We were shouting with joy in our hearts but were pretending to be calm in the phone. I still can't believe he decided to be baptized! We met him 45 minutes later and ask him about his decision. He said he read The Book of Mormon and he felt the spirit.
     (I stole his coffee from his cabinet and he never bought another coffee ever since. Selfie~!)
​On March 7th, we called him to tell him that we are not going to his friend's party but in the phone we can't understand him and we thought that he was drunk! We hurried to his friend's house and found out that he never drink a single sip of alcohol! His friends were drinking but he stayed with the church's standard and kept the Word of Wisdom! It brought peace and joy to our heart, he truly is prepared for his baptism! On March 8th, he wore his baptism attire and Brother Kemp, husband of Sister Kemp baptized him. Sister Sudweeks and I got to perform a special musical number of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". We practised that song before we met Manny. We did not know why, but now we knew. It was for Manny. He is special. He is truly loved by his Father in Heaven. I know it, and I can feel it. The gospel is wonderful. Simple but powerful. =)
 (From left: Sister Kemp and her grandson, Sister Sudweeks, Manny, Brother Kemp, and me! Let's march to Zion! =)  )

Sister Yeap
9th March 2015

No. 12: Exchanges and miracles that follows!

Last week was amazing! We had exchanges with Sister Training Leaders. I went to Brampton with Sister Bodine and Sister Sudweeks stayed at Oakville with Sister Hoki. Being in exchanges I get to learned a lot of things and Sister Bodine helped me to realize my strength and it diminishes the weaknesses that I have. She is a wonderful Sister Training Leader, I used to be very afraid and nervous when it comes to exchanges because of the bad experiences that I had in the past. Now I do not feel fear any more. I am always looking forward for exchanges from now! Yay!
Sister Hoki and Sister Sudweeks had a wonderful miracle last week! They found this man that was crying outside of his house. They came up to him and he said that everytime that he feels he is dead, Mormon sister missionaries always appear to him at the right time. That was the third time that he encountered sister missionaries, and he became our new investigator! He came to church last Sunday, and bore his testimony during fast and testimony meeting. He told his life and his experiences with missionaries, and he said that he can feel that peace and calm feeling in the church. He said that he realised there is something about Mormons, and then he put his hand on the pulpit and said "I want to join your family!" I was so surprised and happy at the same time. After the sacrament meeting, everyone greeted his hand and talked to him, and welcomed him into the family. Such a wonderful experience! The spirit was so strong in the meeting! 
Meanwhile, Sister Kemp, a member in Oakville Ward bore her testimony about her member missionary experiences. She shared that she learned a lot whenever she go out teaching with us. She also told us that Sister Sudweeks have patience and kindness, and then she said that I was bold. I even proselyte on Preparation day, and gave a referral to missionaries in malaysia through her. Sister Kemp is amazing, to me she is a missionary although she does not have her tag on. =)
I love Oakville so much, and I love being in a companionship with Sister Sudweeks. I hope I can stay here longer, but wherever the Lord wants me to go, I will go and I will magnify my calling wherever I am =)
P/S: Picture with another Malaysian missionary!!

Sister Yeap
2nd February 2015

No. 11: 3rd transfer, and I'm loving it!

Yayyy!! I am in my 3rd transfer!! I can't believe it! I love missionary work! I love Oakville Area! I love my new companion, Sister Sudweeks! She is awesome! She is the cutest missionary ever! Hahahaha! We have so many things in common! She plays and sing, and I love to sing too! So we are practising a duet version of I Know That My Redeemer Lives, and I loved it! Can't wait to perform it someday!
                                                   WIth my new companion, Sister Sudweeks!
Last week, we wanted to save our mileage so we decided to walk.. In the snow that turns to freezing rain! My boots are not waterproof, so my legs were soaking wet! Because of the cold weather, my legs felt like an ice! But still, we have to walk to our car... We were soaking wet, and our jackets are wet too.... I got to appreciate the hot weather in Malaysia now! If I am soaking wet there, at least I am not freezing! I wonder how the pioneers that had to walk through heavy cold snow? It must be hard!!
We received two referrals from members yesterday. One is a part-member husband who they tried to teach for more than 10 years. We managed to be friends with him, and he shared to us his personal experiences and feelings. Last week, as we asked him and his wife if we could teach our new investigator in their house, the husband said: "Sure you can! And maybe you can teach me too." It was a good start for him to learn and embrace the gospel in his life.There is also a member that came to us yesterday at church and told us that he has a referral for us, which he brought with him to church. I love the members here, and I can't wait to see more miracles happening in Oakville!
I love Oakville members! We got referrals from them and teaching them about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love it! Sister Sudweeks and I got to teach different kinds of people, but the most important attribute that we have to work on is PATIENCE because we really need them! Hahaha!!
My New Year resolution for 2015? Be a consecrated, full-purpose, and Preach My Gospel missionary!!! =D

                                                           Yay! Downtown Oakville!

Sister Yeap
5th January 2015

No. 10: Transfer is here and I am already 3 months old in my mission! =D

Transfer call was yesterday night and I was so nervous. I love Oakville South so much and I just started to build those close relationships with the members here in Oakville Ward. I had dinner in the Oakville Ward's Filipinos Christmas Party, and I had so much fun! I love all the Filipinos here, they are truly amazing! Every one of them are like my families and it is hard for me to leave them. The Chinese members wanted me to have dinner with them for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. So I was so nervous about transfer, especially when my zone leader kept on telling me that I am going to Mandarin + Cantonese speaking, and the members felt that I am the one who is transferring. But long story short, after our planning last night, a call came. It was from AP Healey. He told us that Sister Rees is going to Sarnia with Sister Stoker , and Sister Stoker's companion will be going to Oakville South with me!! Yay!!!! My new companion will be Sister Sudweek from Idaho, and she is the most adorable girl ever! I am so sad that my mom is leaving, but I know that Sarnia needs her! They need her superpower and talents! =D

I had so much fun in Oakville for Christmas! We got to go to member's home and I ate a lot! I gave up during dinner and I had to take the trifle back home in a container. We also managed to go to our Malaysian investigator's home! Her house is full of Malaysians! We were still full-purpose missionaries in Christmas! I gave all of them cards and introduced myself to them. I hope they will get interested! I got so many presents during Christmas, it's crazy! I never had Christmas presents that much, and never had Christmas presents under a Christmas tree. So this Christmas was wonderful, especially when I got to Skype my family back home. So it was pretty amazing!

                                                               Yay for Christmas gifts!
                                                               Selfie before bed time! =P
I am looking forward for my next transfer, looking forward for wonderful miracles happening in Oakville South! =D

Sister Yeap
29th December 2014

No. 9: It is almost the end of my 2nd transfer!

I have learned so much these two transfers. I love being a greenie but at the same time I hate being a greenie... So, it depends on the situations I am in. I love Christmas! I get to celebrate Christmas together with members in Oakville Ward, which is awesome! Last week, we were trying our best to get 2 new investigators but it was HARD! I felt like giving up but luckily we didn't! We managed to get 2 new by Sunday evening! And one of them is a person we contacted down the street of Downtown Oakville. There is an outdoor ice-skate ring and we contacted this awesome guy! He is so open to learn more and he ASKED for our number and wanted to meet with us! He wanted to eat Seafood after new year wit us, which is so surprising for me! Seafood!! those are not cheap in Ontario!!! But the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone! No matter how poor or how rich, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is essential in our lives! =)
                                                                    With Lowachees
                                                                         The Arces

We had wonderful members that feeds us a lot here, and I gained so much weight that families back home laughed at me. But it is okay, I only mission once! So I will just eat everything! =D

Brother and Sister S invited us over for dinner on December 21st, and it is also their 18th year anniversary! Since Brother S was born in Malaysia, Sister S made us a Malaysian curry! It was so delicious! I love it! I am so grateful for their generousity, charity and love! I am so grateful for everything they did! They are so considerate that they made us Malaysian curry! Sister S never made Malaysian curry before, but she learned them from Youtube! Isn't that sweet??? =')

I love Oakville!! Everyone are like my families here! I love them so much! I cannot believe transfer is coming!!!!

Sister Yeap
22nd December 2014

No.8: How can Heavenly Father gives us miracles?

I have learned something from my sister training leader last week. She told a story of few very very very old ladies that got baptized in their old age. There is one who got baptized when she was 75 and when she was confirmed, in her blessing she was told that the Lord has prepared a lot of missionaries for her throughout her life, but those missionaries are either not obedient enough, or not working hard enough, or not worthy enough, or not good enough. But then in her old age, finally her long search was over when a pair of missionaries that are good enough for her finally found her!
Then, there is another old lady who is more than 90 years old got baptized. In her patriarchal blessing, she was told that "If Elder Black was on his mission, you should have been baptized in your 20s" It was such an overwhelming experience for her!

Dear missionaries, all of you have been called by a prophet of God which received revelation from our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for your choice to listen to the spirit and act upon it by going on a mission. Wherever you are, the people there SPECIFICALLY needs you! They need your testimony! They need your talent and potential! They need YOU! But we also need to always be out of our comfort zone by being EXACTLY obedient, work HARD and SMART, always be worthy to be a missionary, a missionary that Heavenly Father can trust with His work. One special thing I learned in my mission is to always DISCERN to the spirit. Ask for the guidance of the spirit every single second, and work hard to be worthy of it. I saw many miracles and tender mercies happened when I always ask for to Spirit to be with me, and I know that only through the spirit, we can be missionaries. =)
One piece of advice: Mission is not about US, it is about THEM. Teach them simply so that even a little child can understand, because it is for THEM and their understanding, it is not about US showing our understanding. 
We had an amazing exchanges with sister training leader last week. We were OYMing with Sister Hoki and I felt hard so I took a little bit of time to pray in the busy area. Then, I continued to work and contacted a lady with her daughter. They came from China and they were looking for a transport to the GO station. So I helped her to get to the other side of the road by helping her to pull her heavy luggage and introduce to her about missionary work and why we want to share gospel to others. I started to build that trust in her although it is hard for me to communicate with her. I asked for her phone number but she doesn't have a phone so I asked her to call us back when she get one. I hope someday she will call us and learn about the gospel. =)

Then, we found our investigator that we can't get in contact with for a long time. Her name is S1E (Haha!)  and she had a hard time because her dad just had a hard attack. We prayed for her every day and finally we were able to found her while OYMing on the street. I can't hold my excitement and ran towards her and gave her a big warm hug! She is such a sweet girl and we invited her to come to church the next day. She came to church the next day and we are going to meet her again this Wednesday! I believe that Heavenly Father knows the plans that we made during daily planning and will always prepare the people we need to meet at the right time, and we will be able to meet those people according to our work and worthiness =) I am very happy serving in this area. The ward members are like my family and we were able to build really close relationships with the members. Sister Rees and me are doing great in our companionship and I learned to be more open with my companion and accept help from her. I am so grateful to be serving in this wonderful area, I can see a lot of things that are potentially happening in Oakville South =)
Sister Yeap
8th December 2014

No. 7: I love our new approach in missionary work!

We had zone conference last week, and it was amazing! We are now focusing more on less actives and recent converts, and work more with members. So we will get transferred less frequently, and we will get more members involved in missionary work! It was so much fun and i got to know a lot of mandarin and Cantonese speaking missionaries after the conference! =D We also got to watch Meet the Mormons movie, watched He is The Gift video, and the new website It was awesome! I love everything we received in our latest zone conference. So, everyone! Don't forget to check the new website out! And on November 7th 2014, the church will take over whole Youtube page in lots of countries including Canada, so all you can see is He is The Gift advertisement only, which is super cool! And church had billboards in New York Times Square starting today (1st November 2014) until 1st January 2014! This month's Ensign will also include 9 pass-along cards for He is The Gift initiative, so don't forget to give it to your friends! =D
And miracles this week~ Last Friday, Sister Rees and me felt that going back to the apartment and making appointments, and organizing things is more effective so we did. I prayed before I made calls, and I felt prompted to get the area book and take out papers of teaching records for formers in south Mississauga area. I called every numbers and I called someone name L1A (haha! Privacy again! =P). I was trying to make appointments with her and before I hung up, I felt prompted again to ask where she is from. Trying not to make it awkward, I told her "Seems like you have an accent, where are you from?" And she said she is from Malaysia(Her accent doesn't sound Malaysian, it is more to Arabic or Indian? hmmm...)! Anyway, I was so excited and I told her I was from Malaysia too! She got excited and told me she have been living in Canada for 25 years! She and her husband wants to talk with someone in Malay and she can't wait to meet us! We talked in Malay in the phone and set-up an appointment for this Friday! I realized that the holy spirit is always there to tell us everything we need to do, sometimes it is hard to realize it, but as we follow the promptings by ACTING upon it, we will definitely doing the things the Lords wants us to do. Not just following the first part, but to follow it to the end. If I didn't ask her where she is from, then it is useless to follow the prompting to make calls and call the numbers in formers' teaching record. =)
I also met a less active. Her dad is from Malaysia and her mum was from Hong Kong! She never been to Malaysia before, but I was super excited! Looks like it is a Malaysian week for me, mission is surely an adventure!=D
I asked the ward clerk to print me new ward directory list and member's birthday list, it is one of the step where we are trying to work more with members and strengthen our relationships with them, looks like there are lots of baking we need to do! hahaha! =D
                                                                  HAMILTON ZONE!!!!
                                                                 Canadian Geese!!!!!

Sister Yeap
1st December 2014