Saturday, 4 April 2015

No. 7: I love our new approach in missionary work!

We had zone conference last week, and it was amazing! We are now focusing more on less actives and recent converts, and work more with members. So we will get transferred less frequently, and we will get more members involved in missionary work! It was so much fun and i got to know a lot of mandarin and Cantonese speaking missionaries after the conference! =D We also got to watch Meet the Mormons movie, watched He is The Gift video, and the new website It was awesome! I love everything we received in our latest zone conference. So, everyone! Don't forget to check the new website out! And on November 7th 2014, the church will take over whole Youtube page in lots of countries including Canada, so all you can see is He is The Gift advertisement only, which is super cool! And church had billboards in New York Times Square starting today (1st November 2014) until 1st January 2014! This month's Ensign will also include 9 pass-along cards for He is The Gift initiative, so don't forget to give it to your friends! =D
And miracles this week~ Last Friday, Sister Rees and me felt that going back to the apartment and making appointments, and organizing things is more effective so we did. I prayed before I made calls, and I felt prompted to get the area book and take out papers of teaching records for formers in south Mississauga area. I called every numbers and I called someone name L1A (haha! Privacy again! =P). I was trying to make appointments with her and before I hung up, I felt prompted again to ask where she is from. Trying not to make it awkward, I told her "Seems like you have an accent, where are you from?" And she said she is from Malaysia(Her accent doesn't sound Malaysian, it is more to Arabic or Indian? hmmm...)! Anyway, I was so excited and I told her I was from Malaysia too! She got excited and told me she have been living in Canada for 25 years! She and her husband wants to talk with someone in Malay and she can't wait to meet us! We talked in Malay in the phone and set-up an appointment for this Friday! I realized that the holy spirit is always there to tell us everything we need to do, sometimes it is hard to realize it, but as we follow the promptings by ACTING upon it, we will definitely doing the things the Lords wants us to do. Not just following the first part, but to follow it to the end. If I didn't ask her where she is from, then it is useless to follow the prompting to make calls and call the numbers in formers' teaching record. =)
I also met a less active. Her dad is from Malaysia and her mum was from Hong Kong! She never been to Malaysia before, but I was super excited! Looks like it is a Malaysian week for me, mission is surely an adventure!=D
I asked the ward clerk to print me new ward directory list and member's birthday list, it is one of the step where we are trying to work more with members and strengthen our relationships with them, looks like there are lots of baking we need to do! hahaha! =D
                                                                  HAMILTON ZONE!!!!
                                                                 Canadian Geese!!!!!

Sister Yeap
1st December 2014

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