Saturday, 4 April 2015

No.3: MTC Training is Over and I Am Now in Toronto, Canada!

I still remember that wonderful moment to be set apart as a missionary by President Mains (Singapore Mission President) in Singapore! My tears went down my cheeks after the blessings he have given to me. I was so blessed and grateful for all the wonderful and great love I received from Heavenly Father for giving me this chance to serve my mission. After long long flight (more than 20 hours), I finally arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah! I flew from Tawau to Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (stayed for the night) to Tokyo to Portland to Salt Lake City.! That is crazy! I love that I get to stay for the night in Singapore though! Arriving in Salt Lake City Airport, I met Elder Mortimer and Sister Mortimer! They are so awesome! They bought me to the Temple Square, go around Salt Lake Temple, went to Deseret Book Store, and got me a cape, some sweaters & gloves! They are so lovely! They always help church members when they served in Tawau, Sabah ( my hometown) as couple missionaries.
 Then I arrived in MTC and they dropped me off. MTC is so huge! I get lost all the time! I met with few international missionaries on my first day here and they are awesome! We had a beautiful Sister Training Leader, Sister Peterson that is going to serve in Mongolia! The next day, I met with my branch, which is branch 14 and my district is District D! Our branch president, President Marion is wonderful! He love how strong the spirit he felt during our branch meeting! My branch is awesome! Let me share with you those awesome people!
                                           BRANCH D! With our teacher, Sister Anderson!

Branch C
1) Elder Pagnin - Salt Lake City South Mission (District Leader)
2) Elder Belandres - California Sacramento Mission
3) Elder Matuu - Samoa mission (Temp mission: Texas Houston Mission)
4) Elder Tahaafe - Salt Lake City South Mission
5) Sister Fetuli - Colorada Denver South Mission
6) Sister William - California Sacramento Mission

Branch D
1) Elder Jalaa - California Fresno Mission (District Leader)
2) Elder Nabulivula - Jackson Mississppi Mission
3) Elder Ayimadu - Arizona Pheonix Mission
4) Elder Balenacagi - Arizona Pheonix Mission
5) Sister Wang - Melbourne Australia Mission (Temp Mission: California Ranch Cucomonga Mission)
6) Sister Yeap - Canada Toronto Mission

We made this goal to visit Fiji after our mission! Because Fiji is like paradise on earth! One wonderful experience is I had my fir5st endowment in Provo temple! Sister & Elder Mortimer was there to escort me and I had my companion, Sister Wang with me! It was on 26th September 2014! I was baptized by Elder Mortimer back in 2005 and now they escorted me for my first endowment! 

6th October and I am now in Toronto! Hello Toronto!

Sister Yeap
14th October 2014

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