Saturday, 4 April 2015

No. 11: 3rd transfer, and I'm loving it!

Yayyy!! I am in my 3rd transfer!! I can't believe it! I love missionary work! I love Oakville Area! I love my new companion, Sister Sudweeks! She is awesome! She is the cutest missionary ever! Hahahaha! We have so many things in common! She plays and sing, and I love to sing too! So we are practising a duet version of I Know That My Redeemer Lives, and I loved it! Can't wait to perform it someday!
                                                   WIth my new companion, Sister Sudweeks!
Last week, we wanted to save our mileage so we decided to walk.. In the snow that turns to freezing rain! My boots are not waterproof, so my legs were soaking wet! Because of the cold weather, my legs felt like an ice! But still, we have to walk to our car... We were soaking wet, and our jackets are wet too.... I got to appreciate the hot weather in Malaysia now! If I am soaking wet there, at least I am not freezing! I wonder how the pioneers that had to walk through heavy cold snow? It must be hard!!
We received two referrals from members yesterday. One is a part-member husband who they tried to teach for more than 10 years. We managed to be friends with him, and he shared to us his personal experiences and feelings. Last week, as we asked him and his wife if we could teach our new investigator in their house, the husband said: "Sure you can! And maybe you can teach me too." It was a good start for him to learn and embrace the gospel in his life.There is also a member that came to us yesterday at church and told us that he has a referral for us, which he brought with him to church. I love the members here, and I can't wait to see more miracles happening in Oakville!
I love Oakville members! We got referrals from them and teaching them about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love it! Sister Sudweeks and I got to teach different kinds of people, but the most important attribute that we have to work on is PATIENCE because we really need them! Hahaha!!
My New Year resolution for 2015? Be a consecrated, full-purpose, and Preach My Gospel missionary!!! =D

                                                           Yay! Downtown Oakville!

Sister Yeap
5th January 2015

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