Saturday, 4 April 2015

No. 4: Oakville is like a home!^^

This week is the beginning of week 4 in mission field. Serving in Oakville is a huge blessing for me. Members in Oakville ward are so wonderful and friendly. They are strong members with strong testimonies, care for other people, strong leadership, and guess what? They love missionaries too!! They love to feed us and I gained so much weight! [Guilty pleasure, hehehe...
                                              [Picture of me and the Oakville chapel]
I have a wonderful trainer too! Her name is Sister Rees from Tree Mountain, Utah! I can't believe that she is 3 months younger than me! I am 20 and she is 19 years old! And she is my mum in my mission! Hahaha! But we get along very well! We love each other and we have so much fun serving the Lord with one purpose in mind, which is to help others to come unto Christ!
                                                     [Picture of me and my companion]
Being in Canada is amazing! Me and Sister Rees will write down on the white board on the things that me/we experience for the first time! First pie, frost, Canadian Thanksgiving, and etc! I used to be so sleepy waking up in the morning and have to study for few hours, but I started to love studies beginning from my 2nd week! I love studying! I didn't fall asleep anymore and I feel more like a missionary! I get to recite the 1st vision in every RESTORATION lesson, but on 19th October 2014, I felt different for the first time. We had this media referral caled A1T [For privacy reason]. He is half Jewish and half Muslim. He have 3 friends that are members of the church and he was curious as the 3 of them are very good people, so kind and he said it is hard to believe to be coincidence. So he wants to know more about Mormons and get so excited to learn. But bless his heart, his desire is so strong that the Holy Ghost was so strong that I can feel it so hard when I told him about The First Vision. It touched my heart so strongly that I can't even describe that feeling. Prophet Joseph Smith really restored the gospel on this earth again, and I testify that. He really translated The Book Of Mormon and as we ponder The Book of Mormon while reading it, and then ask Heavenly father if it is true with all your heart and real intent, we will gain a testimony of its truth by the power of the Holy Ghost.

We had a wonderful Halloween activity called "Trunk or Treat" on 25th October 2014! I had so much fun, and had the chance to be friend with Milton sisters' new investigator! Costumes everywhere! Lots of food and candies! I never had this kind of big Halloween celebration before, I love it! 

Lots of love,
Sister Yeap
27th October 2014

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