Saturday, 4 April 2015

No.8: How can Heavenly Father gives us miracles?

I have learned something from my sister training leader last week. She told a story of few very very very old ladies that got baptized in their old age. There is one who got baptized when she was 75 and when she was confirmed, in her blessing she was told that the Lord has prepared a lot of missionaries for her throughout her life, but those missionaries are either not obedient enough, or not working hard enough, or not worthy enough, or not good enough. But then in her old age, finally her long search was over when a pair of missionaries that are good enough for her finally found her!
Then, there is another old lady who is more than 90 years old got baptized. In her patriarchal blessing, she was told that "If Elder Black was on his mission, you should have been baptized in your 20s" It was such an overwhelming experience for her!

Dear missionaries, all of you have been called by a prophet of God which received revelation from our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for your choice to listen to the spirit and act upon it by going on a mission. Wherever you are, the people there SPECIFICALLY needs you! They need your testimony! They need your talent and potential! They need YOU! But we also need to always be out of our comfort zone by being EXACTLY obedient, work HARD and SMART, always be worthy to be a missionary, a missionary that Heavenly Father can trust with His work. One special thing I learned in my mission is to always DISCERN to the spirit. Ask for the guidance of the spirit every single second, and work hard to be worthy of it. I saw many miracles and tender mercies happened when I always ask for to Spirit to be with me, and I know that only through the spirit, we can be missionaries. =)
One piece of advice: Mission is not about US, it is about THEM. Teach them simply so that even a little child can understand, because it is for THEM and their understanding, it is not about US showing our understanding. 
We had an amazing exchanges with sister training leader last week. We were OYMing with Sister Hoki and I felt hard so I took a little bit of time to pray in the busy area. Then, I continued to work and contacted a lady with her daughter. They came from China and they were looking for a transport to the GO station. So I helped her to get to the other side of the road by helping her to pull her heavy luggage and introduce to her about missionary work and why we want to share gospel to others. I started to build that trust in her although it is hard for me to communicate with her. I asked for her phone number but she doesn't have a phone so I asked her to call us back when she get one. I hope someday she will call us and learn about the gospel. =)

Then, we found our investigator that we can't get in contact with for a long time. Her name is S1E (Haha!)  and she had a hard time because her dad just had a hard attack. We prayed for her every day and finally we were able to found her while OYMing on the street. I can't hold my excitement and ran towards her and gave her a big warm hug! She is such a sweet girl and we invited her to come to church the next day. She came to church the next day and we are going to meet her again this Wednesday! I believe that Heavenly Father knows the plans that we made during daily planning and will always prepare the people we need to meet at the right time, and we will be able to meet those people according to our work and worthiness =) I am very happy serving in this area. The ward members are like my family and we were able to build really close relationships with the members. Sister Rees and me are doing great in our companionship and I learned to be more open with my companion and accept help from her. I am so grateful to be serving in this wonderful area, I can see a lot of things that are potentially happening in Oakville South =)
Sister Yeap
8th December 2014

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