Saturday, 4 April 2015

No. 12: Exchanges and miracles that follows!

Last week was amazing! We had exchanges with Sister Training Leaders. I went to Brampton with Sister Bodine and Sister Sudweeks stayed at Oakville with Sister Hoki. Being in exchanges I get to learned a lot of things and Sister Bodine helped me to realize my strength and it diminishes the weaknesses that I have. She is a wonderful Sister Training Leader, I used to be very afraid and nervous when it comes to exchanges because of the bad experiences that I had in the past. Now I do not feel fear any more. I am always looking forward for exchanges from now! Yay!
Sister Hoki and Sister Sudweeks had a wonderful miracle last week! They found this man that was crying outside of his house. They came up to him and he said that everytime that he feels he is dead, Mormon sister missionaries always appear to him at the right time. That was the third time that he encountered sister missionaries, and he became our new investigator! He came to church last Sunday, and bore his testimony during fast and testimony meeting. He told his life and his experiences with missionaries, and he said that he can feel that peace and calm feeling in the church. He said that he realised there is something about Mormons, and then he put his hand on the pulpit and said "I want to join your family!" I was so surprised and happy at the same time. After the sacrament meeting, everyone greeted his hand and talked to him, and welcomed him into the family. Such a wonderful experience! The spirit was so strong in the meeting! 
Meanwhile, Sister Kemp, a member in Oakville Ward bore her testimony about her member missionary experiences. She shared that she learned a lot whenever she go out teaching with us. She also told us that Sister Sudweeks have patience and kindness, and then she said that I was bold. I even proselyte on Preparation day, and gave a referral to missionaries in malaysia through her. Sister Kemp is amazing, to me she is a missionary although she does not have her tag on. =)
I love Oakville so much, and I love being in a companionship with Sister Sudweeks. I hope I can stay here longer, but wherever the Lord wants me to go, I will go and I will magnify my calling wherever I am =)
P/S: Picture with another Malaysian missionary!!

Sister Yeap
2nd February 2015

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