Saturday, 4 April 2015

No. 9: It is almost the end of my 2nd transfer!

I have learned so much these two transfers. I love being a greenie but at the same time I hate being a greenie... So, it depends on the situations I am in. I love Christmas! I get to celebrate Christmas together with members in Oakville Ward, which is awesome! Last week, we were trying our best to get 2 new investigators but it was HARD! I felt like giving up but luckily we didn't! We managed to get 2 new by Sunday evening! And one of them is a person we contacted down the street of Downtown Oakville. There is an outdoor ice-skate ring and we contacted this awesome guy! He is so open to learn more and he ASKED for our number and wanted to meet with us! He wanted to eat Seafood after new year wit us, which is so surprising for me! Seafood!! those are not cheap in Ontario!!! But the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone! No matter how poor or how rich, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is essential in our lives! =)
                                                                    With Lowachees
                                                                         The Arces

We had wonderful members that feeds us a lot here, and I gained so much weight that families back home laughed at me. But it is okay, I only mission once! So I will just eat everything! =D

Brother and Sister S invited us over for dinner on December 21st, and it is also their 18th year anniversary! Since Brother S was born in Malaysia, Sister S made us a Malaysian curry! It was so delicious! I love it! I am so grateful for their generousity, charity and love! I am so grateful for everything they did! They are so considerate that they made us Malaysian curry! Sister S never made Malaysian curry before, but she learned them from Youtube! Isn't that sweet??? =')

I love Oakville!! Everyone are like my families here! I love them so much! I cannot believe transfer is coming!!!!

Sister Yeap
22nd December 2014

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