Saturday, 4 April 2015

No.5: 1st transfer is over and I am now in my 2nd transfer!!

I have learned so many things in my mission! I have an amazing companion, Sister Rees. She taught me lots of things and I can feel that I am growing each day. I still remember my first day here where we went OYM at night in the rain. It is an amazing experience for me and I loved it. This transfer we have gone through so many things that made us stronger. We fasted, pray and gave up our car last week. Heavenly Father did answer our prayers. We saw many miracles the days after! We found S1e (privacy reason =)), she is a very sweet girl. We dropped-by a potential investigator and decided to tract the doors nearby and we knocked on her door. She loves us! She went to church and agreed to listen more!We found few new investigator with few baptismal date! This is amazing! I know that as we tried our best, Heavenly Father will continually pour out his blessings to us. 

One thing I learned here in my first transfer is, sometimes missionary work we will become like Abinadi. Abinadi gave his testimony of the gospel and of the saviour even until the last second of his death where King Noah commanded him to be burned. But Alma heard his testimony and was converted to the Lord. He fled away and taught a lot of people privately. He baptised many and testified of the things that Abinadi testified. He brought 450 souls with him to depart to the wilderness. 

That is an amazing story! Sometimes missionaries get to plant seeds and not harvesting. Everyone wants to be a harvester, but we can't harvest without first planting seeds. I learned how important for us not to be discouraged. Not to be giving up. Not to be lazy in finding people. We have to testify and preach until the end of our mission even until the end of our life because members are also missionaries. We sometimes didn't realise that as long as we are planting seeds, we will make the seeds grow. Even though we might not be the harvester, at least they are HARVESTED! Although Abinadi can't convert King Noah, but he converted Alma by his strong testimony and Alma got to baptize many, build Christ's church, and performed many marvelous and great works! 
I know that as I keep on working hard, building my testimony, be an understanding and loving missionary, I can help fulfill others' needs and help them to come unto Christ. I love my first area so much! Oakville is a beautiful place! I am so grateful to stay in this area for my 2nd transfer with my amazing trainer! We made so many goals for this transfer and we believe this area will flourish! =)
Anyway, it has been snowing since last week! There are snow sticking on the ground although it is still fall season. It is freezing cold! Have to stay warm! =)
Sister Yeap
17th November 2014

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