Thursday, 4 February 2016

No. 35: Standards! Standards! Standards! And baptism!!!! =)

The whole work of salvation is REAL!!!!!! We honestly don't ever have time to contact and talk to everyone, we have busy going from appointments to appointments, not even have time to contact a referral that we have received since last week! But I have no idea where these people came from, they just come out of nowhere and we were able to have 4 new investigators in a week without finding time! =D This really strengthens my testimony of the whole work of salvation! My mission president is inspired!!!!
This week we had MLC, and it was amazing! we were instructed on having 15-20 mins lesson, and it feels so good to know that we can teach short lessons, and be full-purpose and effective missionary! Sister Hillman and I were able to bring this instruction to Oshawa and Kingston Zone Council and presented them to the missionaries in both zones. I feel bad for the Oshawa zone instruction that we gave, because of lack of preparation, it was a mess. And Kingston zone always have the best part of our instructions. Hahaha!
On Wednesday, Cleopatre Mbuyi got baptized! We were 10 mins late driving from our MLC meeting from Brampton + traffic in Toronto! And few minutes before the baptism, our ward mission leader that's supposed to conduct the meeting had high blood pressure and went to the hospital. It was a hectic evening where our investigators and his friends that planned to go to the baptism were waiting to be picked up by our WML, but they had no phone number for us to contact! Poor him and his friends, but luckily he understands and came to church that Sunday. But back to the baptism, Brother Kalala, which is the Mbuyi's home teacher was able to conduct! It was all over the place and we even prayed before singing our opening hymn, but it's okay! Cleopatre got baptized anyway! Her dad baptized her in French language, and it was a neat experience!

Had exchanges with Sister Liao from Brockville! It was so much fun! She is a Mandarin speaking missionary, but got assigned to English work this transfer! We enjoyed each other company and communicated in Mandarin the whole time! it was fun! I love how she teaches so simply, that 15-20 mins lesson wasn't a problem! She is so Christlike and loving, that you always feel warmth in your heart whenever you talk to her. SHE IS THE CUTEST!!!!! 
Just to let you know and to make my email more interesting, CRAZY THINGS HAPPEN IN MY EXCHANGES! Most of the time!!!!! One of them was with Sister Liao, where I stepped on something stinky and we realized it when we went to the library for language study. I thought it's the smell of the "Dirty $hwa", but nope! It's me! I had to clean my boots in the library washroom, and cleaned the car! It's crazy! Hahaha!
I just want to share with you my testimony about prayer. This week I learned that God answers prayers, and prayer is real. I remember praying for many weeks for an investigators that I found in Bayview (Few transfers ago) to receive his answer about the church and about The BOM, and I thought he dropped the missionaries,but I received an amazing news that he got baptized!
On Sunday, I was partaking of the sacrament and I prayed real hard for Heavenly father to remove the bad feeling in my heart and help me become more charitable and loving. the moment I finished my prayer, my bad feeling were gone and I felt peace instead. Not because it is psychologically logical, but it's because there is a God, and He is our loving Heavenly Father. And He always help us and show us His love by his Holy Spirit. I testify to that =)

P/S: Hey! Clay! I am replying you here! I am planning to go to BYU! But have to earn enough money first before going there. I'm so broke! Hahaha! 

Sister Yeap
9th November 2015

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