Thursday, 1 October 2015

No. 22: half-way mark, and I don't realize it! 0.0!

Toronto is awesome! I love being her because it is exciting! Working in downtown is never easy, but my companion and I is having faith and know that everything is possible. On Preparation-Day, we went to Eaton Centre in Dundas. It was a great place, but probably because I am a missionary, mall is not fun for me anymore, hahaha! But then I asked my companion if we can go to The Face Shop, a Korean skincare shop, and that's where my companion and I was having fun! LOL! 

We had zone conference and it was great! We got to learn about the things that the mission is focusing on, and one of them is keeping daily contact with the people that we're working with! To me, daily contact is so important! I did that last transfer, and every week we have investigators at church! We sent them scriptures, asked about their day, and etc. On the last week of the transfer, we forgot to do it because we were super busy, and one of our investigator was worried because we haven't been contacting her and sending her scripture like usual. We felt bad and we promised that we will continually keep in contact with them! I also love the focus that the mission have towards eternity! Which includes keeping the Sabbath day holy, getting the priesthood, and work towards the temple! The less-actives and recent-converts really need those and we are working on it!

​(Met member from Panama! Came here for a project! =))

One of our less-active here in Toronto South, he have drinking addiction. We have been focusing on The Atonement with him, and we have a great fellowshipper for him that went through the same struggle before. The fellowshipper keep in contact with him all the time, which is great! We also committed him to follow-up with us every morning on how his Word of Wisdom been going the previous day, and we keep in contact with him every day. And guess what?? He haven't been drinking since 2 Sundays ago, and he will have an interview with the bishop in 3 weeks and work toward getting Aaronic Priesthood! Isn't that amazing?! =D

We had Ward Family Home Evening on Wednesday, and one of our investigator came for it. The other sisters were teaching The Restoration, and our investigator loves it! When they talked about The Book of Mormon, he was stroking his BOM and smiling at the same time. Isn't that sweet??? ^^ 

There's another investigator that we have, he was raised Buddhist, and was born in Canada. He don't have any foundation of Christianity at all. When we were teaching him about the Holy Ghost, he was confused at first, and said "What is that? Is that being possessed by the devil??" I have never had that in my teaching experiences ever, so we tried to explain it slowly and in the end he understood the Holy Ghost.
​(My obvious tan lines on my feet! I'm getting DARKER!!)

Toronto's weather is crazy!!! It was hot for a few day (I even get super obvious tan lines), and then suddenly, it was raining non-stop last Saturday and Sunday. I was glad at the same time, because in those two days, Toronto have Gay Pride Parade. But then, we realized that thee are still lots of people joining in the parade although it was raining the whole time. Anyway, today the sky is suddenly clear it is sunny and nice! My companion and I will spend time taking pictures at Sugar Beach Park later! =D

I love Toronto Ward! We have awesome members here and I love them! I am grateful for the privilege that I had to share my testimony yesterday. The first few thing I mentioned included how much I love my companion, Sister Bott and how much I know she love this ward, and we really appreciate the chance to serve in Toronto Ward. The chapel we are in (Ossington Chapel) was built in 1935, and there are lots of important people that talked on the pulpit! I always feel good that chapel, it just makes me know there are many good things and memories in that chapel! =)
​(Isn't she cute?? With her Korean BOM! Well, we met a Korean potential afterwards! Hahaha! )

I love Sister Bott!! Both of us not only have fun in our companionship, but we also work hard each and every day, doing our best to be obedient and consecrated. Sister Bott have the longest legs ever! I am grateful for that because it made me walk faster to catch up to her! I really became healthier! In lessons, I always feel grateful to realize how much I really need her in some parts of lessons and it feels like we both are trying our best to help each other out. She is very obedient I have learned a lot from her! I just can't express how grateful I am! =)

P/s: Sister Bott told me this week I am in my halfway mark! I can't believe it! Thinking about it makes me nervous! @@~~~

Sister Yeap
30 Jun 2015

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