Thursday, 1 October 2015

No.19: The last week of the transfer, a transfer goes by so fast!

I want to express my gratitude to Heavenly Father that is always there for me. I am so grateful that he always provide guidance, strength, friends, love, and especially the spirit for me! At first, I was overwhelmed to be assigned as a Mandarin speaking missionary. Everything is new, and I almost gave up. But Heavenly Father made me realize one important thing, he made me realized how prideful I am. I am overwhelmed because I was embarrassed. Embarrassed to show people that I can't speak very well because of the language. I was afraid, because I have been out for quite a while, and suddenly, I can't even say a prayer out loud. Now I know that I shouldn't be embarrassed. I should make mistakes. I didn't know how to pray in Mandarin before, but now I know how. I even got up yesterday ad bore my testimony fully in Chinese. Although it was simple, but I knew it was a sincere testimony~ =)

I love my companions. Being in a trio is something new for me, but because of them, I had fun! We love each other, we care for each other, and we strengthened each other. Last week, like usual, we have ESL (English as a Second Language). Since Sister Penrod is the building manager, so we usually don't teach a class. We give chapel tour and register new students instead. Last week was a mess, because a companion did't come to teach ESL and Sister Penrod hurt her feet while carrying a table with Sister Kuo. Clumsy Sister Kuo, she fell down with the table and hit Sister Penrod's feet! We suddenly have many new students, and no one was in charge of the beginner class! So Sister Kuo had to be outside of the Beginner Class looking after SIster Penrod, and I was alone teaching the beginner class. It was fun being an English Teacher for a day, I didn't know that I would love teaching English. At the end of the class, and old lady came up to me and said that she wants to invite us over for dinner sometime. Waaaa~~~!!! She's so nice!!! ^^

Last Preparation Day, we went to the zoo and we had so much fun! I saw a lot of animals that exists in Malaysia, but I saw them for the first time in Canada (Indo-Malaya zoo area)! We are going to have another baptism this Sunday! Hope that everything will go well for Lehi / Lee Hi He! His Chinese name is 李海河. He came here with his wife and kids, and he didn't know that God exists before. Now he know that God is his loving Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ is the Son of God, his Savior and redeemer! Missionary work is truly the Lord's work! I know it for sure! I love being a missionary! With all my heart, I know that God loves us, ad we are His beloved children.I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that the church is true. =)

Sister Yeap
9 Jun 2015

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