Thursday, 1 October 2015

No. 27: Our apartment almost flooded!

Last week was great! We met this OLD lady. A member in our ward referred her to us because I can speak Chinese. She only speaks Cantonese, and she is from Vietnam. Since I can understand Cantonese, I used my language skills to teach her the message of The Restored Gospel. We have been teaching her for about 3 weeks now. Last week, we knocked on her door for more that 5 times and I was panicking! I was so afraid that she will die in her home! We went to her back yard hoping that she have stairs leading to her back door, but she doesn't have any! So we knocked on her front door again while yelling "Dang Popo!!!!!" which means 'Grandma Dang' in Chinese. Finally, she opened the door! I was so happy to see her although it looked like I woke her up from her sleep. So we gave her The Book of Mormon and a pamphlet to read in Vietnamese because she can't read Chinese and I found out that she might have Alzheimer! She kept on repeating the same questions and saying the same thing. I felt so sad because I would love to teach her more, but I can't because of her situation. But because I know she can receive this message in the spirit world someday, it gave me feeling of peace and joy knowing Heavenly Father's plan and knowing that he is a just and loving God =)
(Sister Rees! This is when the rain starting to stop)
​Last Sunday, we decided to walk instead of driving to church! While we were at church, a member (also our landlord, we are renting her basement) called us and left us a voicemail asking if we're alright because our car was outside her house. So when we got home, we saw her and she told us that she was knocking on our door and yelling our names, terrified that we might have died inside. LOL! That was our fault! Anyway, she told us that she didn't go to church because we're going to experience a huge rainstorm that night and she and her two sons are making a huge trench outside the basement so that we won't get flooded when it rains. So we offered to help them and it was not easy for me to dig up dirt! But I tried! That night, rain came down and outside our apartment, my companion and I, the member and her sons, were struggling to remove water from coming through our door! Then, the rain stops, and we got into our apartment. Then, 10.43pm(10.30pm was our bed time), I just finished praying and my companion decided to turn on the light outside and she saw the two boys were struggling to remove water from the flood again! So we decided to help them and we finally were done at midnight! We were terrified that it might rain again, so we slept on the hallway in our living room! So that was fun! =D
(After digging up a trench, thinking that our service was over)
I love being a missionary. I may not be the best missionary, but I definitely am doing my best. I am grateful for the knowledge of the gospel. If you (readers) love me, and read my email, please! Go to this website:The Restoration Video
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I love you all~~~!!

Sister Yeap
4 August 2015

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