Thursday, 1 October 2015

No. 21: Toronto Downtown! It is fun and I'm loving it!

Tuesday, I had my new companion, Sister Bott! She is from Idaho and she is awesome! She is very pretty and tall! Super nice! I am so grateful to have a companion like her. Great thing is, she love Asians! She studied in BYUH, so we get along very well! Had so much fun this week, and I love it! =D

After having lunch, we headed to the church which is only 10 mins walk from our apartment. We talked to this guy from Nepal that was waiting for the bus. He came to Canada because of the earthquake. He wants to go to church so we walked with him to show him where the church is and he promised that he will come tomorrow evening for our Family Home Evening. Then, we met our Ward Mission Leader, had Gelato, and shared The Restoration to him. After the meeting, my companion and I were walking and a guy suddenly talked to us. He knew we are missionaries and told us his aunt is also a member. He said he loved our church and his aunt had totally become a good person after joining our church. He wants to learn more about our message and is excited to see us again! Then, our Ward Mission Leader helped us to drive my luggage back to our apartment. He is an angel. I have no idea how we can get all my stuff back home without using a car! WOW! Many miracles on our first day! That's a good sign! =D

Don't know how to use that disposable cloth, so I tried putting my aloe gel on it to my face! Haha!! (Ignore the ugly wall behind me, Hehe!)​

The next day, we had Family Home Evening, and the guy from Nepal came! Yay! That day, while on our way to an appointment, I talked to Charles in a streetcar. It was a fun conversation. He never been to church and asked me "What are you doing at church? You worship and pray to Jesus Christ?" He was laughing and I said "No. If you want to learn more what we do at church, we can meet with you next time." So I took his number and I invited him to come to church after a couple of days and he came! Yay! =D 

We taught a guy from West Indies, and he is interesting. We taught him about Jesus Christ and atonement, and he doesn't get why we need to go through Jesus Christ to God. I think we explained it to him very well, but this guy just keep on bashing us and it was intense. So I said "Hey, listen to us. We can't teach you if you don't listen to us. Do you really want to learn? I'm going to talk right now, and listen to me until I finish what I say" And he said he wants to learn and he stayed silent for a little while. We schedule next appointment because we had to go. Luckily the member that we had is very patient, and understanding.
At church, we had two investigators came to church which is great for our first week! Our 1st counselor in the bishopric was shocked when I walked into the ward council meeting, because I looked so much like his cousin! In the afternoon, we went to Bathurst to drop by someone and a lady was in pain. she had cyst in her stomach and that time, her stomach hurt so bad that she called and is waiting for an ambulance. We talked to her so that she won't feel that much pain, and we found out that she used to take missionary discussions. She loved the discussions and went to church many times. But then, she moved and she lost touch with the church. So we scheduled another appointment and helped her until the ambulance came. 

We were walking in the subway, and suddenly a random guy shouted "Jesus Lives!" in front of our face with rosary in his hands. LOL! That's funny! And then, we met Charles again in the Subway, we were surprised! He had his Book of Mormon in his hand, and it looks like he have been reading the Book of Mormon!
We passed by Church St and Wellesley, and and it is full of rainbows. You know why? Because it is a GAY street!
I asked Sister Bott to take picture of me, and then a gay guy passed by with his two little puppies, and said "Beautiful... Do you want me to take pictures of you both??" We were like.. "Okay..." Then after that, we saw two gay girls holding hands and wearing skirts. We realized, people actually thought Sister Bott and I are gay because we matches our outfits, and wear skirts! Hahaha! I cannot stop laughing afterwards, it is ridiculous! 

Downtown Toronto is fun! I have so many experiences I want to share this week but there are too many! I have to simplify it and share some part of my experiences. I love English work! I love Sister Bott! I love Toronto! I love missionary work! =D

Sister Yeap
22nd June 2015

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