Thursday, 1 October 2015

No.24: Emergency Transferred to Oshawa as Sister Training Leader

Hey!!! Last week was CRAZY!!!!!!! I don't even know how to begin...Well.... Let me start from the beginning of the week ~ =)
​(I Love Chinatown!!!!)
On Monday, I hit my half-way mark being on the field. It was 6th October last year when I flew to Canada! I remember it was an exhausting day! Plus I was sad leaving my lovely MTC companion, Sister Wang! Anyway, Sister Bott and I went to Chinatown to meet with our Sister Training LLeaders to celebrate my half-way mark! In Chinatown, we bumped into lots of elders and sisters! I wonder what happened that everyone was there! Anyway, we went to a bakery store and I bought pineapple buns and dumplings! Went to Kensington market! It was fun!

Tuesday, This is where the good part begins! We did missionary work like usual, planned to drop by people that don't have any contact information the ward list, and drop by media referrals too. Sadly, it was raining heavily the whole day! So we got drenched from top to bottom! When we got into the subway, it was super cold because of the AC! Then on our way home, we realized that we had a missed call from our mission president, President Clayton! I was shocked! He even texted us to call him back. So when we got into the apartment, we called him back! And with his loving and tender voice, he said "Hello sisters, how are you?​" And I said "His President Clayton! We're doing good! This is Sister Bott and Sister Yeap!" And he said " It's good to hear you voice, sisters... It's good to hear your voice.... Are you keeping yourself from being wet?" And I said "We're soaked!!!! " And he's like... "That's the right word to put it... So, sisters.... Sister R is a Sister Training Leader, and she had to go home because of medical issues.. She is from Brantford, so Sister Vance from Oshawa will be replacing her..." In my heart, I was like... OK...... A sister have to go home, so...??? And he said "So... Sister... YEAP..." Okay, to tell you the truth, Sister Bott saw my hand was shaking while holding the phone after President said those words... Anyway, he said "You are going to be an STL in Oshawa with Sister Rees" And we were so shocked! Sister Rees was my trainer!!! My grandma (Sister Warburton) and my mom(Sister Rees) started to become Sister Training Leaders in Oshawa, and now I'm coming in! To Oshawa! With my mom! And I responded "I didn't know that". He said "No one knows that, and I know this is right. An STL is a big responsibility and I know you can do it." And he told my companion, Sister Bott that she'll be staying with Toronto East STL, so they will be in a trio... After the phone call, I was crying so hard! I love Toronto so much and we were having so many success, hit standards of excellence every week, and now our area is closed for 3 weeks because we're in the middle of the transfer! I hugged Sister Bott and said "I will miss you so much! I don't want to leave!" Then, I pointed at the names of people that we're working with, and asked Sister Bott to take care of those people because she is still in the same ward. That night, we started packing....
​(Yay for Tim Hortons!!!!)
Wednesday, we went to mission home... There are few Sister Training Leaders there, and it was sad that I have to leave my companion, Sister Bott. It was a sad goodbye.Thursday, I had my first exchanges with Sister Leeson!!! She was my companion in Kingston! And I get to be with her in Brockville, a city of 1000 Island! You can see New York clearly from their lake! It's so close! We had a fun time together! I appreciate that she was my first exchange! I love her so much! We also get to weed a returning member's raspberry garden! It was my first time weeding and now I have few cuts on my arms! But it's okay! It was fun!
(​It was Sister Leeson's companion's birthday during exchanges, so I left a birthday note on her steering wheel!! Hehehe!!)
Anyway, Oshawa is awesome! I hope that I can adapt to this place, because I'm still used to do the things that I love very much, which includes using public transit, talking to people in subways and buses, having people all around to talk to, Sister Bott, and the merry and busy Toronto!

Sister Yeap
13 July 2015

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