Sunday, 14 June 2015

No.17: Standards of Excellence, 2 times in a row!

I love Mandarin work! Although it is overwhelming, but having faith that everything will be alright really helped me to go through this big transition that I have. Last Sunday, I was able to give a talk in Mandarin. Although I can't remember much about what I shared, but I remember I felt confident, felt that my talk was great! After sacrament meeting, members came up to me telling me how much they love my talk and they felt touched by it. In the evening, my trainee told me that she thinks I'm not going to be Mandarin speaking till the end of my mission. Then she stopped and looked at me, and said: "Oh my gosh!!! You must felt so overwhelmed!! My heart just moved! I can feel it!!" She hugged me and she can't believe how well I hide it all this time. 

We were able to hit Standards of Excellence again, two times in a row! And all 3 sets of missionaries from Bayview ward hit standards! It is amazing! Bayview is great! We had Victoria Day on Monday, so we had to move our Preparation Day to Tuesday. On Monday, we had the chance to do service for a member from Hong Kong! We cleaned her basement because her friends from Hong Kong are staying in their house for a month! And she wants to bring us Niagara falls with them at the end of June! Yayyy!!! 

There are few things I learned these past couple of weeks.. My companions on my mission are not perfect, but I love them anyway! No one is perfect, and even me myself is farrrrrrrrrr from perfect! So, why would I expect my companions to be perfect? They are great missionaries, and we are together for a reason (at least a reason~ =P), so might as well enjoy it and work to the limit! =P I learned that being a full-time missionary... It is not MY work, but it is the Lord's work and OUR (companionship) work. Without my companions, who am I? I learned that when I talk to everyone, work my hardest, follow the promptings, although we didn't get what we wish for, it is still worth it in the end. I also learned that the gift of tongue is real! When I gave my talk in Mandarin for the first time, I was able to speak very well, and words keep on flowing through my mind and I was able to speak it! It happened a lot throughout my mission, it happened when I was trying to speak in English and teach in English. I can't deny it! The gift of tongue is real!!! =D
 Missionaries from malaysia! Elder Ngerantap and Elder Lee!
 My companions! Sister Penrod from california and Sister Kuo from Taiwan!
Tried to catch a picture of dandelions in the air, but I guess my camera is too bad for that~ =P
Toronto city and foggy CN Tower from afar! It is nice to have a view from 39th floor condo!

Sister Yeap

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