Sunday, 14 June 2015

No. 16: Transfer 6, Mandarin Speaking and follow-up training~!

Wonderful Kingston! I am so happy to be able to serve there! Wonderful members, and I love each and everyone of them. On Sunday night, I received a transfer call and I am now called to serve as a Mandarin speaking missionary, and transferred to Bayview North! Now I get the chance to serve in the big Toronto city! My companion, Sister Leeson are transferred to Brockville.It was a stressful Preparation-Day for us. Since the mission closed our area (because of the dramatic decrease of the number of missionary), we had to clean the apartment and organized a lot of things. After zone sports, we had dinner together as a zone, and we all went to Brampton to stay for the night.  But Sister Leeson broke her finger and we had to get her finger checked-up in Belleville. So we didn't manage to go to Brampton, and we had to stay with the Napanee sisters. It was a hectic+ stressful day for us, but luckily we had a nice stay with Sister Jensen and Sister Westerlind. 
Then the next day, I got to meet my new companions, Sister Kuo and Penrod (follow-up training Sister Penrod). While I was talking with missionaries, I found out that my bag that I put on the ground went missing! I looked all around and it was not there! Luckily the phone was in the car and the keys was with Sister Leeson so I got to give them to the missionaries that were in charge of keys and phones. Then, when we were on our way to mission office, we had to go through a a terrible road because of construction. I'm telling you, it traumatized me to go to the mission office again. 
Arriving to my new area, we were busy moving because the 3 of us are whitewashing! We were super busy and after that, we had a lesson with an investigator. We set him up with a baptismal date and invited him to bring his family to church. The lesson we had with her was wonderful! I felt the spirit so strongly and I can feel God's love for him and his family. When he sincerely accepted a baptismal date, tears covered my eyes. The spirit was so strong and I got the confirmation that God truly loves him. 
The experiences that I had throughout the weeks was amazing! Miracles upon miracles! We don't even have time to eat, which was bad because we shouldn't starve ourselves. But we were into the work that we forgot ourselves completely. We were working so hard to find new investigators, and Heavenly Fathers blesses us with some. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for everything he gave to me. We were able to see 4 investigators and one potential at church yesterday, and one of them are family. It was wonderful.
I was able to Skype home for Mothers Day, and it made me so happy. Missionary work is amazing and I love it! =)

Sister Yeap

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